And Be One Traveler (Stargate Atlantis podfic)

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Title: And Be One Traveler
Podfic Artist(s): Multi
Cover Artist: countess, lamardeuse, me_maneuver, sadiane, unamaga, wihluta
Date(s): 01 January 2009 (complete)
Length: 7:46:52
File: 500.7 MB (mp3); 220 MB (m4b)
Based On: And Be One Traveler
Author: Amireal and Trinityofone
Fandom: SGA, SGA RPS
External Links: download at the Audiofic Archive

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The podfic for Amireal and Trinityofone's story And Be One Traveler is a full cast reading, meaning that each character role is filled by a different reader: 32 in all.

It was originally posted in the LiveJournal community amplificathon over a period of 9 days as an Xmas present for the Audiofic Archive's archivist, general_jinjur.

Participants include: anatsuno, aphelant, blienky27, burnfor, busaikko, cadeira, chandri, cinderlily, cold_poet, come_love_sleep, countess7, dodificus, jadesfire2808, juice817, kinseyx, laurie_ky, leviticus_lied, luzula, mklutz, pennyplainknits, podfic_lover, rustydog, sansets, shadowkittykat_, tacittype, torra, triedunture, twasadark, twilight_angel, waldorph, wihluta, and zabira.