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Name: Abi
Alias(es): SeeingRedFics, TozierTrashmouth
Type: Fan Writer
Fandoms: The Breakfast Club, IT, Stranger Things, The Walking Dead
URL: SeeingRedFics, Archived version on AO3, TozierTrashmouth, Archived version on Tumblr
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Abi is a fanfic author.

Fan History

Index of Works



Stray Dogs, Archived version Date: 28 September 2017Length: 43,456 wordsGenre: Angst, Fluff, Homeless Richie Tozier, Hypochondriac Eddie Kaspbrak, Richie Tozier Has ADHD
Being a severe hypochondriac with an ADHD ridden homeless kid sleeping in your basement can do some serious damage, as Eddie Kaspbrak was about to find out. (Reddie)
In The Middle, Archived version Date: 20 December 2017Length: 8,310 wordsGenre: Aged Up, Polyamory, Romance, Smut
(CW: Infidelity) Richie Tozier liked Eddie Kaspbrak. Richie Tozier also liked Stanley Uris. And it just so happened that they liked him back, as well as each other. Too bad Stan has a girlfriend. (Streddie)
why not me?, Archived version Date: 04 June 2018Length: 4,834 wordsGenre: Angst (Light), Bottom Richie Tozier, Bottom Stanley Uris, Fluff, Friends to Lovers, Friends With Benefits With Feelings, Pining, Secret Relationship, Smut, Top Richie Tozier, Top Stanley Uris
everything between stan and richie was supposed to be platonic, especially their secret hook-ups and longing stares. (Stozier)
Stozier - Sharing a bed, Archived version Date: 23 January 2019Length: ×4,992 wordsGenre: needs tags, Sharing a Bed
Anonymous asks: I saw you tagged your post asking for fic requests with stozier and they're my otp! I was wondering if you would pull some cliches out and do a "they have to share the bed" trope for a getting together fic. It can be fluff or NSFW! Thank you!! :)
beating the devil., Archived version Date: 06 March 2019Length: 10,986 wordsGenre: Angst, Fluff, Horror, Violence
(CW: Character D-ath) imagine if things had turned out differently. if the losers moved away from derry, but came back earlier for their own separate, personal reasons. it had nothing to do with the nightmares lurking down in the sewers or the fading memories that haunted them in their dreams. just everyday problems they all have to come to terms with. (Reddie)
reddie spanking, Archived version Date: 15 March 2019Length: 267 wordsGenre: Biting, Bottom Eddie Kaspbrak, Established Relationship, Grinding, Kissing, Smut, Spanking, Top Richie Tozier
Richie looked down at the sight in front of him, Eddie naked and on all fours, elbows bent so his hips and ass were lifted into the air; on display just for him. And he smiled. (Reddie)


link, Archived version Date: 02 October 2017Genre: College AU, Making Art, Dr. K, Gift-Giving, Listening to Music, Picking Up, Playing a Musical Instrument, Studying
the losers in university: headcanons (& Reddie)
link, Archived version Date: 04 October 2017Genre: Gift-Giving, Holiday, Richie Tozier Has ADHD
Anonymous asks: richie and fidget devices (spinners and cubes and whatever) (& The Losers Club)
link, Archived version Date: 04 October 2017Genre: Cheek Kissing, Cuddling, Forehead Kissing, Hand Holding, Height Difference, Kissing, Knuckle Kissing, Neck Kissing, Neediness, Romance, Sleeping
(CW: Rocky Child/Parent Relations, Substance Use) Anonymous asks: kissing headcanons for reddie/stozier??
link, Archived version Date: 04 October 2017Genre: Emotional Hurt/Comfort
(CW: Mental Illness) stanuriswrites asks: reddie & crying in front of one another for the first time hcs
link, Archived version Date: 04 October 2017Genre: Flirting, Friendship, Hickey
Anonymous asks: (that, Archived version was amazing. your ideas are lit. personally I have multiple fidgets but no spinners) Ok picture this: Richie, to preface his radio dj carrier, does the morning announcements at school. no one knows how he hasn't been kicked off yet. He usually calls out his friends like "last night stan was a cHEATER AT MONOPOLY" or rambles on about eddie. (Reddie & Richie Tozier & Stanley Uris)
link, Archived version Date: 04 October 2017Genre: Collar Bone Kissing, Cuddling, Hugging, Jaw Kissing, Nose Kissing, Wrist Kissing
Anonymous asks: ok the kissing one, Archived version kILLED me so what about stenbrough and stan/mike kissing headcanons???
link, Archived version Date: 04 October 2017Genre: Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Flirting, Friendship, Hand Holding, Hickey, Holding, Prom, Sharing a Bed, Shopping, Stargazing
(CW: Parental Abuse Mention, Slut-Shaming, Underage Substance Use, Violence) deafjellie asks: Yo how about som quality Richie and Beverly friendship! Please! (& Reddie)
link, Archived version Date: 04 October 2017Genre: Beverly Ships Reddie, Birthday, Gift-Giving, Hair Touching, Hand Holding, Height Difference, Holding, Kissing, Neediness, Pinky Holding
eddiesaspirator asks: Bitch give me the hcs for reddie cuddling and being kinda touchy (but not in a sexual way) around the losers and their reactions and feelings about it I neeeed this and I trust you (& one-sided Georgezier)
link, Archived version Date: 04 October 2017Genre: Book Club, Friendship
Anonymous asks: losers club book club. It's Ben's idea, and gets everyone in on it. Mike knows a lot of good historical books probably, especially about Derry. though him and stan probs bond over animal books.
link, Archived version Date: 04 October 2017Genre: Blown Kisses, Established Relationship, Face Kissing, Sleeping, Stomach Kissing
Anonymous asks: i love your kiss, Archived version hcs, Archived version, could you do one for bill x richie?
link, Archived version Date: 04 October 2017Genre: Cheek Kissing, Established Relationship, Hand Holding, Holding, Hugging, Jealousy
Anonymous asks: Jealousy within Reddie relationship. Who gets jealous? For what dumb reason?

IT/Stranger Things


Gods and Monsters, Archived version Date: 17 November 2017Length: 14,091 wordsGenre: Angst, Crossover, Fluff
her voice had been in his head for as long as he could remember, and no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t seem to understand what she was saying to him. and then one night he did, and everything turned upside down. (Reddie)