X-Files Fanfic Addiction Site Interview with MD1016

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Interviews by Fans
Title: X-Files Fanfic Addiction Site Interview with MD1016
Interviewee: MD1016
Date(s): March 1999
Medium: online
Fandom(s): The X-files
External Links: X-Files Fanfic Addiction Site Interview with MD1016, Archived version
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X-Files Fanfic Addiction Site Interview with MD1016 took place in 1999.

It was for the website X-Files Fanfic Addiction Site.

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XFFFA- Which episode got you hooked on the show? Was it the conspiracy eps, horror, plots or UST, that had you intrigued at first?

MD- I have never watched the X-Files for plot. Never. Too many holes. The first episode (The Pilot) aired my first night in New York. I was 19 and homesick, and I knew no one in The City, so I was in my cramped little room alone with the TV on. A preview for some new creepy little show about aliens came on and I decided to watch it because it reminded me of something my mother would like (she has a deep-seeded desire to be abducted by aliens and haunted by ghosts that I will never understand). I was hooked after the teaser. I am one of the few who can say that I've seen every single X-Files episodes in order as they were broadcast. As for which episodes I like best, there's a general rule that seems to work: I love any show in which Mulder wears jeans or Scully's in a bed.

XFFFA- How did you discover X-Files fanfiction? Was is through a website or newsgroup?

MD- Uh...I don't remember. I have a horrible short-term memory. Horrible. Senility has hit at a very young age. Recently I had a conversation with my mother over the phone, and there was a lull, and after that moment's pause neither of us could remember what we'd just been talking about. I did, however, remember that we'd been talking about something, which made us both very happy.

XFFFA- Did you read anyone else's fanfiction that inspired you yourself to write?


XFFFA- If so, do you remember who it was or the title of it?

MD- No. I can't remember. I do remember eating up everything MacSpooky put out (at one point I remember watching the show and being confused as to why Mrs. Scully and Skinner were so formal with each other, since she'd just bore him twins -- luckily Dianora was there to set me straight. I had to stop reading MacSpooky after that incident.) I also know I was in incredible awe of Amy Vincent (at gossamer) and Dianora (which is how I met her), Karen Rasch, Nicole Perry (at gossamer) and Madeleine Partous (who, by the way I haven't heard from in a very, very long time).

Actually, I'm still in awe of them.

XFFFA- Do you write more in-between seasons or during seasonal episodes?

MD- Hard to say. I write when I'm frustrated with CC and what he's doing to my show. Sometimes that culminates in the 6-7 month hiatus he gives us, and sometimes it's when Mulder's a jerk or I'm not getting enough looks of longing or scene with *both* Mulder and Scully in them (I don't know why that should be such a novelty). The only reason for fanfic (in my mind) is to allow us to live in the world CC won't let us have.

XFFFA- How do you feel about season six so far?

MD- I liked most of it until the Christmas episode. After that I could take it or leave it. Mostly leave it. The most interesting thing about the show has always been the interaction between Mulder and Scully, and their relationship. I've pretty much given up on anything happening on that front. I think the actors have, too. You know, I stopped watching Remington Steele for the same reason.

XFFFA- How would you like to see the show end?