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Name: Who's Seven
Dates: 1992, 1994, 1996?
Location: Shropshire, England
Type: fan run
Focus: Doctor Who & Blake's 7
Founding Date:
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Who's Seven was a Doctor Who and Blake's 7 con held in Shropshire, England.


October 30-November 1, 1992 at the The Telford Moat House Hotel. GOH: Gareth Thomas, Jacqueline Pearce, Colin Baker, Peter Tuddenham, and Sheelagh Wells. The convention raised a sum total of 627 pounds for charity, broken down as follows:

Citizens Advice Bureau: 300.00

People's Dispensary for Sick Animals: 300.00

Talking Books: 27.00

Convention Report

In 1992, a fan posted a convention report to rec.arts.drwho:
"I attended the Who's Seven (a joint Dr.Who and Blakes 7 organization in the UK) convention held at the #60/night Telford Moathouse, in Telford, about 40 miles west of Birmingham. Telford has the intention of becoming some sort of Silicon Valley, with completely new shoppes, offices, houses, etc.---in stark contrast to the rest of the midlands countryside.

Guests: Gareth Thomas (Blake), Colin Baker (Dr.6), Jacqueline Pearce (Servalan), Sheelagh Wells (makeup artist for Dr.Who, B7), Peter Tuddenham (voice of Orac, Slave, Zen), Sheila Tomlinson (Dr.Who, B7 film editor).

I didn't spend much time there, but here are a few noteworthy tidbits:

  • Colin Baker and Nicola Byrant (sp?) star in a production called "The Stranger" which features an alien traveller (Baker) and sidekick (Bryant) with "an unnamed time machine around the corner." The intention is to start where Colin's Doctor left off, yet at the same time not violating the BBC copyright. To date, three episodes have been produced. Two are already out on video for #10 each. It was the hope of the small production crew to have the third in time for Christmas, though Baker feels it is now unlikely to make it in time.
  • UK Gold, a new direct satellite broadcast pay channel, debuted on November 1. Old programs from the ITV and BBC archives will be featured, including Dr.Who. According to Baker, the actor's guildis preparing to sue the BBC due to the low royalties UK Gold is paying them.
  • Pearce strongly dislikes the term "low budget" and has some harsh words for the Blakes 7 production effort. In particular, she strongly refered by implication to the out-of-hand ego of Darrow's(Avon).
  • It is unlikely that the Dr.Who plays will return. The production failed to return money, and the original financer has gone into bankrupcy recently."[1]


The event was held 28th-30th October 1994 .

From an online flyer posted to Lysator on Feb 28, 1993:
"The title says the bulk of it. This is a preliminary announcement to let people know that WHO'S SEVEN 2: THE RETURN OF THE SEVEN is in the works. As with the first WHO'S SEVEN, it will be held in England on the last weekend of October 1994. The convention committee is in the last stages of selecting a hotel. They are planning to have two B7 and two DW guests. There will be a B7 video room, a DW video room, a video room

for related science fiction, two writers' workshops, an art show, a dealers' room, filking, an auction, a fancy dress/costume show, probably an acting workshop, possibly a theme-related pantomime, and other events to be determined.

Until the end of 1993, registration for all three days is 25 pounds sterling or the current equivalent in U.S. bank notes by registered mail (no U.S. dollar checks, please). As of 1 January 1994, registration will be 30 pounds. Registration forms and information updates can be obtained by sending a stamped addressed envelope or an addressed envelope plus 1 International Reply Coupon (available from your local post office) to:

[address removed]

One-day and two-day memberships will be available as well. Write for more information. Tell them you heard about it on the net. I'm trying to convince them of the efficacy of electronic communication. (Replies to email won't do you much good as that's all the information I have at the moment, but I will post updates as the news reaches me.)"[1]

From the first Progress Report posted to Lysator on October 14, 1993:

"WHO'S 7 1994 is a joint BLAKE'S 7 and DOCTOR WHO Convention. We hope to have at least two guests (possibly more) from each of the shows, and a full programme of events that we hope will be of interest to fans of both shows. Confirmed guests so far (subject to professional



Gareth Thomas (Blake) Jon Pertwee (third Doctor)
Sally Knyvette (Jenna) (subject to contract)
Jan Chappell (Cally)

With the new convention comes a new programme, and naturally we need new ideas and participants. This is your convention and we want you to enjoy it. If we think up all the programme items, something you want to see might be left out. So please, please, don't hesitate to give us YOUR ideas about what you want to see at the convention, and why not volunteer to run something yourself; a workshop or a panel maybe - we won't be offended, honest - we need all the help we can get!


There will be guest panels/question-and-answer sessions running on each of the three days of the convention, each of which will be followed by autograph sessions. Depending on the weather we may also have an outdoor photo-call. Our guests will not be "closeted" with the Committee when not on panels, but free to wander the convention and join in as they wish. Therefore, please treat them with courtesy and respect, and don't crowd them too much.


We have three separate video programmes, which will run 16 hours per day, one dedicated to DOCTOR WHO, one for BLAKES 7, and the third will carry interviews and other SF-related programmes that we hope will be of interest to you. [If you have any ideas or suggestions for shows we could add to the programme, please contact us and let us know. Or better still, if you have anything "rare" that you would be willing to let us show, please, please GET IN TOUCH!]

We would like to show fan-made videos, so if you have any that you would be willing to let us show, please contact us.


A major part of our programme will consist of workshops. These are small (10-25 max), intensive "classroom" sessions with which we hope to entertain and educate you. Some of our guests will be participating in these. (As an example, last time, Gareth Thomas ran two acting workshops, and Sheelagh Wells ran two makeup workshops - as a result of which there were rather a lot of "vampires" wandering around the hotel that weekend!)

We hope next year to be able to offer Acting Workshops, two Fan Writing/ Professional Writing Workshops, a Scriptwriting Workshop and another Makeup Workshop. We would like also to run a Fanzine-Producing workshop and also another Costuming workshop if we get volunteers to run them (hint, HINT!!!). More workshops will be added to the programme as we confirm the people to run them.

If you think you would like to run a workshop on a particular subject that might be of interest to your fellow con-goers, please let us know. The more the merrier!


Another integral part of our programme are the Debates/Discussion panels. For instance, would you be interested in debating the question: "Is the Master really the 12th incarnation of the Doctor?" or "What would have happened if Avon had thrown Vila out of the airlock?" "Are K9 and Orac related?" We are looking for a number of different discussion panels, and if you have a theme you would like to discuss, why not tell us about it and we will schedule time for it in the programme.

We will also be writing to the BBC to see whether they would be willing to send us a representative for a panel entitled "What is the BBC's attitude towards Science Fiction? Is this a valid genre?" We will keep you posted on their response.


Last year's quiz was a little confusing, but for 1994 we have a new set-up and brand new questions:

A special "audio-visual" quiz contest: BLAKE'S 7 versus DOCTOR WHO. If you have the nerve and the memory for it, please volunteer for one of the two teams. Special marks may be awarded to teams for their use of creative cheating, sign language, histrionics and Very Large Bribes, and individual prizes may or may not be awarded for individual performances. If this sounds like your sort of quiz, sign up today - and start swotting up tomorrow, 'cos the questions are dead difficult! [Just kidding...]


Apart from the above, which will make up two full programme streams, we will also be offering a fanzine/audiotape library, open from 9 am to midnight during the convention.

There will be a special charity auction on Sunday afternoon to raise money specifically for the con charity. If you have any items you would be willing to donate (an original Liberator teleport bracelet perhaps, or all ten episodes of "The Dalek Masterplan" on video), we would be very grateful to receive them. Save your pennies for this one and spend, spend, spend on the day!

Our Art Show is open to all, both for competition and display. If you would like to enter, just send us an SAE and we will send you an entry form. There are three categories for competition: DW, B7 and SF, and three prizes in each category.

In addition to the Art Show, we also hope to have a display of original and recreation costumes from B7 and DW - as well as people on hand to talk about them or answer questions on the various costumes.

We have a large dealers room that we hope will offer you a vast range of merchandise covering both fannish and professional "stuff".

If you have merchandise you would like to sell, but don't want to take an entire dealers table, we will also have, in the Dealers Room, an "Orphan Zine Table" where you can place zines/videos/whatever that you would like to have sold on your behalf. The Convention will charge 10% of the price of the item when it is sold.

There will be "special people" walking around the convention awarding "on the spot" prizes for hall costumes, so remember to pack that Timelord costume and wear it on the day!

We have also invited the "Conspiritors" to come back again and run our "Games" panelling. They will have a number of role-playing and interactive games going on over the weekend. More on those in the next PR. In addition, Kin Ming Looi has volunteered to run a number of games that will start at specific times. Again, more on those in the next PR. There will be a number of "theme" parties over the weekend and a Fancy Dress competition - any ideas for particular "themes" you would like for the parties?

As with last year, we are happy to announce that we will once again be furthering peaceful interstellar relations by inviting representatives from the Dalek and Cyber races. If you see them at the convention, please come up and talk to them - but do remember one thing - NO THREATENING MOVES, please - for your own safety! (NOTE: If any Movellans are planning to attend the convention, please contact the ConCom ahead of time - in the interests of peaceful co-existence...)[2]
One of the proposed panels was on the topic of slash. On March x, 1994, a volunteer posted the following to Lysator:
"I was asked by a committee member of the Who's 7 convention to extend this invitation to those attending the convention. Would anyone willing to participate in a 'panel' entitled "Slash: a feasibility study........"Currently, they have plenty of volunteers to argue in favour of slash, but they are suffering a dearth of those willing to argue against. However, they are interested in hearing from anyone regardless of their position on the topic."[3]


May 2-6, 1996 at the Cardiff International Arena "Edgward, Middx"

Convention Report


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