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Name: rec.arts.drwho
Date(s): 1987 -
Moderator: unmoderated
Fandom: Doctor Who
URL: here
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rec.arts.drwho was a Usenet discussion group for fans of Doctor Who.


The predecessor to rec.arts.drwho was called, and it appears

to have been created on December 19th, 1983 by someone with the handle 'chuq'.

The first non-meta post to the group seems to have been made by Lindsay Cleveland of Atlanta, essentially asking that somebody post a chronological list of Doctor Who episodes to that time.

The creation of rec.arts.drwho itself took place in 1987.

Shannon Patrick Sullivan[1]


Fan Richard "Uncle Halibut" Salter created The rec.arts.drwho Quote File (later maintained by Robert Smith), which recorded "all the smartest, wittiest, most entertaining stuff collected off of rec.arts.drwho, filtered by trained hands" from 25 July 1994 to December 2002.[2]

A Friendly Guide for Newsbies

Here are the steps made easy:
  1. 1. Lurk for a while
  2. 2. Read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  3. 3. Read the FAT (Frequently Appearing Threads)
  4. 4. Trim your replies
  5. 5. Trim your sig.file
  6. 6. Stay on topic
  7. 7. Keep an open mind
  8. 8. Don't flame
  9. 9. Don't post binaries
  10. 10. Discuss, don't dictate
  11. 11. We might be kidding
  12. 12. Ultimately, have fun!

Robert J. Smith[3]

Frequently Appearing Threads

3. The FATs:

This is a brief rundown of some Frequently Appearing Threads. For more information, consult the DejaNews or AltaVista usenet search engines, or rec.arts.drwho.

3.1 UNIT dating 3.2. Canon 3.3 The Brain of Morbius faces 3.4 Romana's regeneration 3.5 The Doctor's real name 3.6 Test 3.7 Sexiest companion? 3.8 The McCoy episodes suck! 3.10 The NAs suck! 3.10 The movie sucks! 3.11 The Doctor is NOT half-human!! 3.12 Return of the Living Thread 3.13 Weekly Stats Must Die!!!!! 3.14 Jinx words 3.15 Was the War Chief the Master?

3.16 Who or what is the Valeyard?

Daniel Frankham[4]