What I Like to Read

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Title: What I Like to Read
Creator: Geri
Date(s): spring 1992
Medium: print
Fandom: The Professionals
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What I Like to Read is a 1992 Professionals essay by Geri.

It was printed in Be Gentle With Us #5.

Some Topics Discussed

  • Bodie/Doyle fanfiction
  • excessive violence in fiction
  • a hope that Bodie/Doyle fanfiction does not go the way of Kirk/Spock stories

The Essay

First of all let me say I have been astounded by the volume and quality of the B/D fan fiction I have read. I think it is clear from the material that many of the writers have cut their teeth on other fandoms and have, with their skills matured, found their way to B/D fiction. And for that I am most grateful. With the exception of one or two examples I have not come across a a story I did not find worthwhile and challenging. The standard of writing is exceptionally high, and although I may not have liked some of the work I must acknowledge its merit.

By personal preference I do not like explicit stories, but I have to say those I have read in this fandom have justified the inclusion of such material. From choice I prefer to read romantic, gentle stories in which the characters show their love and concern for each other. I will admit that sometimes you need the freshness of a more realistic view of the type of relationship two such men would share if you are to go on reading. Can you remember the effect of reading your way straight through a classic 'Trek' relationship zine like 'Contact'? Terminal depression if you were not careful. With B/D it is more likely you will be able to tap into a broader spectrum of story types thus avoiding compassion or anxiety fatigue.

I particularly enjoy the stories that firmly place our heroes in contemporary (or very recent) culture. I like the dimension of 'realness' this gives to the characters and situations. Because of this I have veered away from the fantasy type of story, although I must admit to thoroughly enjoying the 'hysterical historicals" [by Meg Lewtan]. I also like a story in which Bodie and Doyle remain their 'own sweet selves' throughout. I find it difficult to cope with a delicate Doyle or a barbarous Bodie.

One of the fandoms strongest areas is the humorous story.' There have been times when I have attracted the family's (unwanted) attention with my roars of laughter. In this respect I cite the story. 'The Ball was Out' . Just one of many that come to mind.

Looking back over what I have said regarding my disinterest in Fantasy stories, I have to come clean and say I absolutely loved 'Unfinished Melody'. Surely it falls into the realms of Fantasy? I simply found it impossible to put that story down. I read It until 3am and only stopped then because my eyes were closing of their own accord. Vampires will never by the same again, as far as I'm concerned. What a truly haunting and erotic tale (I think I'll reread it!)

I neither like excessive violence being done to our heroes, nor them being violent to each other. I do not like so-called

'rape' stories. I love stories with thickly woven conspiracies, that twist and turn (More of these, please!). I have one hope for B/D) fan fiction and that is I hope it does not go the way of K/S. I admit I did not read a great deal of this material, but in what I did read I thought I could discern a trend of increasing explicitness and decreasing originality. I hope this never happens in B/D.