The Ball Was Good

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Bodie/Doyle Fanfiction
Title: The Ball Was Good
Author(s): Sebastian
Date(s): 1985 or before
Length: 11 typewritten pages
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Professionals
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The Ball Was Good is a Bodie/Doyle story by Sebastian.

It is a story on The 1985 Hatstand Express Top Ten Lists.


"Doyle and Bodie sneak out for an early morning practice session of tennis and Doyle is overcome with a case of the "morning matrimonials." Ever the good mate, Bodie helps him with his problem."[1]

Reactions and Reviews


Another terrific first-time story, beautiful descriptions and a real feel for both the characters and the situation. And I hate tennis! [2]

It's affectionate, funny and delightfully racy.[3]


One of the fandoms strongest areas is the humorous story.' There have been times when I have attracted the family's (unwanted) attention with my roars of laughter. In this respect I cite the story. 'The Ball was Out' [sic] . Just one of many that come to mind. [4]


Bodie and Doyle are guests at the country home of a friend of

Doyle s girl-friend, and go out early one morning to brush up on their rusty tennis skills. Doyle, still mentally in bed with his girl, finds the cool air of the morning erotic on his skin. His condition is aggravated by Bodie's style of play - a lot of grunting, quite innocent except in Ray's sexy little mind.

Eventually he owns up to Bodie who pulls him into the bushes and proceeds to give him relief. Ray returns the favour, and they plight their troth. I liked the idea of the story - a much more realistic situation than in the cricketing tale. Perhaps, even tho' they were neither of them new to male/male sex, their sense of commitment was too sudden. But again, the humour of the idea and the double entendres - 'Bodie pressed two balls intimately into his hand' - are enjoyable. [5]

The commitment is a bit sudden, but the scenario is so believable and enjoyable. [6]


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