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Name/s: LiarofLesbos, (formerly) sleeplessmotive, Liarof
Fandom/s: BnHA, Hunter x Hunter, Vanitas no Carte
You can find me at: Tumblr, AO3, Dreamwidth, Twitter
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

Hello! I've only been editing since October of 2018, but I can already tell I'm here to stay. It's very satisfying to put all my fandom knowledge to use, and the areas where I have particular interest right now are currently less covered on Fanlore.

I joined fandom at my sisters' heels, since they were doing Quizilla quizzes and reading Naruto fic. I was a very young roleplayer on the Neopets forums, which included a lot of original fiction, but also a lot of Harry Potter roleplaying. I started reading fic myself on It was all Supernatural crossovers that I was reading then--as well as some crossovers in the Livejournal community. I have some old fic still posted there for Gintama and Hetalia. My oldest sister introduced me to anime with Gintama, and my middle sister introduced me to Tumblr, as well as Youtube fandoms through the Nerdfighters. I was on DeviantArt through my Hetalia phase, producing some very terrible art that is still up. During that phase, I also roleplayed with a friend on the Figment forums and participated in theorizing about Pandora Hearts on the MyAnimeList forums. Now I occasionally write papers about fandom for college, attempt to write fic, and produce near-illegible meta on Tumblr.


I am, currently most interested in animanga, Youtube, podcasts, and video games, including the following:


I've been working on:

I created:

I hope to make: