Digibro Killed SAO

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Event: Digibro Killed SAO
Date(s): June 2014 – ?
Fandom: Sword Art Online, Anime Fandom
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Digibro Killed SAO is the controversy surrounding opinions on the anime Sword Art Online and the possibility that youtuber Digibro's analysis video about the show caused the downfall of opinion around it, particularly in the anime review community on Youtube.


SAO Released and Initial Reactions

The anime for Sword Art Online was released in 2012.[1]

Sword Art Online - An Analytical Diatribe

Influential Anituber Digibro published "Sword Art Online - An Analytical Diatribe" on June 3, 2014, about a month before the anime's second season was to premiere. Digibro frames this hour-long audio essay (since Digibro's audio is put over him playing TERRA Online and not over demonstrations of his speech means its not a video essay) by claiming this is a response to audience questions about his opinions on the series. His main critiques of the story's bending to make the protagonist Kirito seem so awesome and the way it shorts its female lead, Asuna, especially in the show's second half, became the standard criticism of the show in the anime community. Digibro's critiques of the story structure following the theoretically rushed original web novels, although a large part of the video, were less picked up by the community.

Although Digibro ends this essay by claiming a future unwillingness to watch further seasons of SAO, he also later makes critique videos for the inevitable further SAO seasons.


Other SAO Reviews

Sword Art Online - How Digibro Killed An Anime

Anituber PedanticRomantic released "Sword Art Online - How Digibro Killed An Anime (Part 1)" and "Sword Art Online - How Digibro Killed An Anime (Finale)" on January 20, 2017 and February 15, 2017 respectively. In these videos, PedRom gives a thorough breakdown of Anitube's response to SAO, with Digibro's video as a turning point in the discourse and how it led to SAO critiques being viewed as annoyingly common on Anitube. PedRom is very sympathetic towards Digibro and interested in how people's perceptions of SAO seemed to have shifted after Digibro's video.



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