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Name/s: Jae
Fandom/s: Dragon Age, Mad Max
You can find me at: jaetion@ao3, jaesauce@tumblr, jaebility@dw, m^
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

I'm fascinated by fandom culture; I'm an archivist IRL so it's not a big surprise that I like preserving and making accessible these awesome histories.

I bought a domain in 2005/6, and eventually created some fandom sites. There were two ship shrines, which are still online as of 2018: Skyless Oblivion, for Daisuke/Ken from Digimon; and Lord and Ladybird, for Ganondorf/Malon from Zelda. I also had a Digimon clique called CRESTtactular.

Most of my fandom activity revolves around fanfic, which is posted primarily on AO3, though some of my older things are on FanFiction.Net and/or lost to personal websites, mailing lists, and LJ clones. Or in notebooks. As of 2018, I'm (still) working on a Mad Max: Fury Road modern au longfic series called Citadel City Serenade.


As of 2019, my active fandoms are Mad Max and Fallout. I tried to list my main fandoms below, but meh, it's hard for me to determine what makes me "in" a fandom. I think it has to do with my creative output? Or how much time I dedicated to it? Interesting (to me) is that I'm still "in" a lot of these - like Zelda, 28 years later.


Back in 2007-2008, I did a lot of editing on the Fan History Wiki. Originally I was concerned with repeating myself here, but since that wiki is gone, I'm going to be more liberal in the articles I create.

I have a small collection of doujinshi that I've been adding to the wiki.

Other than that I try to do add information about video games - they don't seem to be well represented here.