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Name: Coraline
Creator: Neil Gaiman (author)
Date(s): 2002 (original novel), 2009 (movie)
Medium: novel, film
Country of Origin: United States of America
External Links: Official movie site
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Neil Gaiman's YA fantasy/horror novel Coraline was released in 2002. Seven years later, Henry Sellick adapted it to film format. This stop-motion animated film more than the novel sparked fandom interest. A small fandom, most fan activity revolves around LiveJournal and DeviantArt.

Canon overview

In both book and film versions, Coraline is a young girl who is bored with the house she and her parents have recently moved into. Left to her own devices, she uses a key to open a door into another world: a house that looks just like hers populated with the same people. The Other Mother, a woman similar to, but not quite exactly like Coraline's real mother, attempts to get Coraline to stay forever in the Other House. With the help of Cat and the spirits of lost children, Coraline is able to return to her home and banish the Other Mother.

Differences between versions

In the novel, Coraline and her parents are British. In his movie, Sellick moves the setting to the state of Oregon in the United States. He also added a new character, the boy Wybie Lovat, whose grandmother owns the Pink Palace, the house in which Coraline and her parents live.



The addition of Wybie allowed Coraline to have a love interest. The Coraline/Wybie ship is probably the most popular, although fanworks of Other Mother/Coraline and Mel/Charlie do exist.


Coraline is regularly featured in the Mystery Kids crossover.

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