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Synonyms: Spook Crew
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Mystery Kids (sometimes, but infrequently referred to as the "Spook Crew") is the name of the fan-created crossover between kid characters from cartoons that revolve around solving supernatural mysteries.

It was possibly inspired from the initial ship of Dipper/Norman, from Gravity Falls and ParaNorman respectively, which some date originating on August 20, 2012.[1]

The crossover varies from fan to fan, but primarily consists of:

Coraline (and sometimes her friend Wybie) is also common in the crossover, as well as Raz from Psychonauts, though the latter is a game and lesser known so does not make an appearance nearly as often.

After its premiere, Wirt and Greg from Over the Garden Wall also became included occasionally. Other Mystery Kids fanworks have included Danny Phantom, Invader Zim, and Steven Universe characters as well.


The Mystery Kids fandom originated and largely takes place on Tumblr. By the dates on some blogs, the crossover appears to have begun in September 2012.

When it gained popularity, it spread to sites such as DeviantArt,, and Archive of Our Own. The fandom frequently used to have Tinychat parties and random fannish discussion, ranging from inspiring different creators with headcanons, to collab creating a baby Cthulu monster named Steve.[2] Fans are dominantly fanartists, though there are fanfiction writers and cosplayers as well. Since Parapines has become mainstream[3], mention of the Mystery Kids is usually not far behind.

Eventually, some writers, artists, animators, producers, voice actors, and a whole slew of other creative people in the fandom managed to create a fan episode, complete with an intro and a Wikia. The episode is 45-minutes long, and can be viewed here.

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