Turtle Creek

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Title: Turtle Creek
Creator: Rants Hemlock
Date(s): 30 January 2020, Archived versionโ€”
Medium: Social Media AU
Fandom: IT
External Links: @turtlecreek_tv, Archived version on Twitter, TurtleCreek, Archived version on Carrd, TurtleCreek_TV, Archived version on CuriousCat
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Turtle Creek - "a Reddie acting AU" is a multimedia chat fic/Social Media AU created by Rants Hemlock. It is a Reddie story set in an alternate universe where Richie Tozier and Eddie Kaspbrak are actors.

After shooting to fame on a sitcom, Richie Tozier joined drama series Turtle Creek last minute, infuriating show lead Eddie Kaspbrak. He's sure he knows Richie is going to ruin the show, but when they meet, things don't go how anyone expects.

The work was originally titled Still Waters, and is named as such in the first tweet, but the writer "retroactively revoked that now and its name is now just Turtle Creek on accounts of the fact no one ever calls it Still Waters"[1]


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Inspired Fanworks

untitled, Archived version by JustAteABoyFandom: ITDate: 06 March 2020Medium: FanartStatus: Complete'
He sings "Youโ€™re My Inspiration" by Chicago.
untitled, Archived version by RoboMoriFandom: ITDate: 06 March 2020Medium: FanartStatus: Complete
Based off @saints-row-2โ€™s AU Turtle Creek on Twitter which I think about day and night.
Yโ€™all need to get over to twitter and read ๐“๐”๐‘๐“๐‹๐„ ๐‚๐‘๐„๐„๐Š, Archived version by StitchyArtsFandom: ITDate: 29 February 2020Medium: FanartStatus: Complete
An AU in which comedian Richie Tozier joins the cast of Netflix drama Turtle Creek, clashing with star Eddie Kaspbrak.


  1. ^ Anon: "is this fic titled "Turtle Creek" or "Still Waters" i see ppl call it turtle creek more but still waters is in the first tweet" - reply by turtlecreek_tv on Curious Cat