The Stranger In Your Eyes

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Title: The Stranger In Your Eyes
Author(s): Sword'n'Quill
Date(s): July 1998
Length: 102,000 words, 189 pages
Genre: alt, uber
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess
External Links: The Stranger In Your Eyes (The Bard's Corner, link goes to part 1/6)
SWORD 'N' QUILL (SUSANNE BECK) (Xena Fan Fiction For The Palm Pilot)
Cover by DARE2B Designs

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The Stranger In Your Eyes is a Xena/Gabrielle uber story by Sword'n'Quill. It has a sequel called To Stand Together Through The Storm.

An audio version read by WordWarior was available via Carol's Xena Fan Fiction Tape Consortium. It comprised 8 tapes with a length of 90 minutes each.

Disclaimers: The characters of Xena, Gabrielle and Argo belong to RenPic/MCA Universal and whichever other PTB wants to claim them. I’m not doing this to make any money.

Subtext: Subtext is scattered liberally through this work of fiction. It also contains graphic scenes of sexual gratification. If you are under the age of consent, live in an area where reading such material is illegal, or have a problem with how I view the Xena/Gabrielle relationship, please don’t waste your time reading this.

Violence: There are scenes of graphic violence within the body of this work, including attempted sexual violence to one or more of the main characters. There’s also a bunch of bad language used. If this bothers you, please read no further.

Angst Warning: Yup. A whole bunch of it, too. Xena is an Immortal and Gabrielle is dead (but for how long?) Need I say more?

Genre: This is a work of Uber fiction set in the present day. In it, Xena is an Immortal. There are no ties to any other televised, serialized or fictionalized characterizations.


The Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory:
"An immortal Xena, working as an equalizer, comes to the aid of a young woman."[1]

The Athenaeum:
"Set in modern day, a lone Xena is an immortal who's job is still that of a warrior battling evil, but 2oth century style. Alone for centuries, in comes Sara Di'Maglione, desperately in need of pretection and a friend. In her green eyes, she brings a promisse of old and perhaphs a second chance for Xena...and her love."[2]
"Mafia wife's husband went state evidence, and now the mob is after her. Immortal Xena comes to the rescue."[3]

Recs and Reviews

This new bard makes a strong debut on the Web with a contemporary uber novel that has an ancient warrior still grieving for the soulmate she lost thousands of years before. It is an agony that becomes even more acute when Xena suddenly finds herself protecting a young woman from the Mafia a young woman that is the mirror image of her beloved bard. Well-written and carefully edited, the novel merges riveting action scenes with some very emotional moments. [See the sequel TO STAND TOGETHER THROUGH THE STORM] - 189 pgs.[4]


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