Carol's Xena Fan Fiction Tape Consortium

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Name: Carol's Xena Fan Fiction Tape Consortium
Owner/Maintainer: CStephens
Dates: 20 January 2000 (Wayback capture) or before - 03 October 2003 (Wayback capture) or later
Type: podfic
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess
URL: (Wayback)
Carol s Xena Fan Fiction Tape Consortiums.png
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Carol's Xena Fan Fiction Tape Consortium is a webpage for ordering Xena fanfiction on audio tape. The stories are ca. 440 hours of Xena/Uber fanfiction read by WordWarrior.

A note on the webpage in a Wayback capture from January 2000 says, "WordWarrior is retiring from recording fanfic [...] The stories that can be pre-ordered below will be the final stories that the consortium will be doing. I expect those stories to be ready for copying/shipping in Dec/Jan"[1], which indicates that the consortium had been active in 1999 and before. The website had an associated ONElist mailing list. Given, that ONElist only existed between August 1997 and November 1999, that gives an additional idea of when the consortium was active.

From the main page:

For those of you unfamiliar with what a tape consortium is, it is a group of people who combine their monies to order a story that is too expensive to order individually. My part is to organize the consortium. I don't do this to make money. I only do it for my actual costs which include WordWarior's fee, tapes, labels and postage.[1]

All tapes have a length of 90 minutes. The page includes notes about inclusion of songs and audio commentary.

Songs/Chatter: Includes a song performed by Wordee a capella at the beginning of each side of the tape. Chatter includes miscellaneous comments throughout the story but primarily at the beginning of the tapes.

No Songs/Chatter: The songs have been dropped but there is still miscellaneous comments throughout.

No Songs/No Chatter: There are no songs and no comments made throughout the story. Wordee just reads us a story <g>.

The site was part of The Xena Multimedia Page.

List of Audio Fanfiction Available

Where available, links to Lunacy's Fan Fiction Reviews were inlcuded. For stories that hadn't been reviewed by Lunacy, the page gives a story link instead.

Story Author Cost # of Tapes (90 Minute) Notes
The Stranger In Your Eyes SwordnQuill $32 8 No Songs/No Chatter
Resa Journs $28 9 No Songs/No Chatter
Fire & Ice and Somewhere in Time Friction $32 8 No Songs/No Chatter
Homecoming and 4 Day/3 Nights LGraham $16 4 No Songs/No Chatter
Guilt, Love & Forgiveness and Clueless BL Miller $16 4 No Songs/No Chatter
Daredevil Hearts Wolfdragon $28 8 No Songs/No Chatter
Destiny's Bridge Cbzeer $28 6 No Songs/No Chatter
With Faltering Steps and Making Strides Tonya Muir $35 10 No Songs/No Chatter
Present Under the Tree, Ringing in the New Year & Hurricane Watch Missy Good $35 14 No Songs/No Chatter
Her Xena Word Warrior $9 2 Songs/Chatter
Is There a Doctor on the Dig Bat Morda $12 4 Songs/Chatter
Persistence of Memory Paul Seely $35 14 No Songs/No Chatter
The Search for Amphipolis Bat Morda $24 7 No Songs/No Chatter
Lost Soul Walking along with The Marriage of Xena & Gabrielle DJWP $9 2 No Songs/No Chatter
Sherwood LGraham $12 4 Songs/Chatter
Seven Days in Pompeii DJWP $24 7 No Songs/No Chatter
Chicago 5AM along with The Cloak LN James, BL Miller $30 8 No Songs/No Chatter
Surfacing Paul Seely & Jennifer Garza $28 7 No Songs/Chatter
Lucifer Rising SL Bowers $30 10 Songs/Chatter

Melissa Good - "A Journey of Soulmates" Series

The Journey of Soulmates section links to Missy Good's homepage where the written versions of the stories are hosted.

Story Cost # of Tapes (90 Minute)
A Warrior By Any Other Name $16 5
At A Distance $21 8
Home Is Where The Heart Is $17 7
Bound $34 14
Winter's Ending $30 12
The Longest Night $28 11
Reflections From The Past $17 7
Darkness Falls $25 10
Leap Of Faith $32 13
Promises Kept $32 13
Festival $34 14
Circle Of Life $20 8
Dark Comes The Morning $90 36


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