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Name: WordWarior
Alias(es): Wordee
Type: fic writer, podficcer
Fandoms: Xena
URL: WordWarior's stories on The Athenaeum
audio fanfic downloads
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WordWarior is a Xena fanfic writer who also created many audio fanfics. (Although Carol's Xena Fan Fiction Tape Consortium spells her name as WordWarrior, the correct spelling is with one r.) WordWarior also wrote fanfic under the name Joanna.

Wordee has been interviewed several times:

Audio Fanfic

In the late 90s Wordee made audio recordings of her own stories as well as "basically every well known author in Xena fandom".[1] The recordings ranged between 3 and 44 hours long[1] and were distributed on tapes in the mail.

Wordee retired from making audio recordings in 2000,[2] though in July 2003 the AUSXIP website posted a message saying that she had returned temporarily:

I've had a lot of people write to me about recording some of the newer fanfic and uber that's been written since my retirement from taping audio fanfic. Therefore, for a limited time, I will again offer my

services to record any story you'd like to hear.

Here's the good news: I will be recording all the stories digitally. No more tapes -- from now your masters will be on CDs!

Each master CD will cost $120. You can estimate what will fit on a CD by checking the story document in your word processing program under 'word count'. Look for 'characters without spaces'. Approx. 58,000 characters without space fit on one CD (this is just a means to estimate. If your project takes more or less CDs than estimated, final value will based on the actual amount). All stories must have written permission from the author before they can be recorded.

Master CD recordings can be ordered individually, or through consortiums. If you'd like to know how to start a consortium, feel free to ask me. If you'd like to know about existing consortiums, feel free to ask me that, too.[3]

In a Dreamwidth comment in 2015, Wordee reported that she had originally made the recordings of her own fanfic for her personal use ("It's a great way to hear mistakes and awkward writing.") and had never heard of anyone else recording audiofic before. When she mentioned her recordings on a mailing list, everyone wanted a copy. As a result,

I spent way too long duping tapes for the mailing list and decided never to mention my recordings again, even though I continued to record my stories. A couple years later I needed some cash and started a business recording fan fiction for authors and tape consortiums (groups of fans who pooled their money to pay my fees). Carol's audio fan fiction page was the result of Carol's consortium. Later she added the results of the Missy Good consortium. Eventually I quit doing it for personal reasons, but the tapes were out there.[4]

In a 2014 Pod Aware podcast, femslash fan Tarae noted that the recordings included songs that Wordee would sing a capella, as well as chat and flubbed lines; editing was minimal compared to modern podfic (likely due to technology limitations).[1] "When she flubbed a line, she'd make a short joke about it and read on. When her voice became hoarse, you'd hear her clearing her throat and occasionally you could hear the rustling of the manuscript she read off."[5] Wordwarior had professional analog recording equipment that allowed her to create high quality sound recordings and include special effects.[4]

Tarae recommended Wordee's two podfics that were available for download: "After 15 years they are still some of my most favorite, treasured podfics ever. They are beautifully done."[1]


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