The Dreck wRECk - Reviewing Prosdom's Earliest Stories

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The Dreck wRECk - Reviewing Prosdom's Earliest Stories

On September 11, 2009, a few Pros fans gathered together in blueamaranthe's livejournal to discuss what they believe to be the earliest fan stories written in The Professionals fandom. The result was The Dreck wRECk - Reviewing Prosdom's Earliest Stories.

Read the entire discussion here, Archived version.

An excerpt:

"By consensus the very earliest circulated stories -- I believe these are THE (The Hatstand Express) stories[1] -- were identified as:

In an aside, one problem (discussed frequently in THE) is how many pen names authors used and that often they didn't cross-reference.

(In another aside, we know that Consequences by by A.N.Other -- Later identified as Tarot [2] -- and Jane Doe and all its sequels fits in somewhere, but it's pretty much impossible to accurately pin down exactly when some of these hit circulation.)"

Earlier fans agreed with the list developed above. For example, in DIAL #14, fourteen stories were listed as having been circulating in 1981. The list came from "The Hatstanding Society" which offered the following completed (and available) "Hatstands": Consequences, The End of an Illusion, Coldwater Morning, Two Crazy Lovers, Light of Day, Double Take, Aftermath, Cause for Concern, Powerplay, Deathgame, Masquerade, Remember Angola, Christmas Spirit (slash version), The Poofessionals, Nightwatch, and Shadow of a Ghost.


  1. ^ These stories were circulated as individual copies and not printed in THE. Source: as discussed later in the same post here.
  2. ^ The statement that AN Other and Tarot are the same person is in direct contradiction of known information about Consequences and illustrates how confusing and difficult it can be to pin down decade's old pseuds. And that, on occasion, fans misspeak and mix up names.