The Poofessionals

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Bodie/Doyle Fanfiction
Title: The Poofessionals
Author(s): Dirk Grapple
Date(s): late 1980 or early 1981
Genre: slash, Bodie/Doyle
Fandom: The Professionals
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The Poofessionals is one of the very earliest Pros stories written. The author is Dirk Grapple.


Reactions and Reviews

  • "Mean spirited. Didn't have a single endearing moment of character or plot." [1]
  • "How to describe this? A parody that was not nearly as clever as it imagined? The best parody is affectionate. You have to really love something to accurately capture its every nuance and detail. This is mean-spirited and hostile. There are a couple of good lines, but...basically a waste of time. "Boyle" and "Mr. Hudson" end up playing Upstairs Downstairs together and "Odie" runs off with Prince Charles. Har, har, har!" [2]


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