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The Professionals Fanfiction
Title: Deathgame
Author(s): Stuartsky
Date(s): late 1980 or early 1981
Fandom: The Professionals
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Deathgame is the sequel to one of the first UK Pros slash stories "Power Play." Both are circuit stories written by Stuartsky. The story is also referred to under the title "Death Games."

Online Dicussion

On September 11, 2009, a few Pros fans gathered together in blueamaranthe's livejournal to discuss early Pros fic. See The Dreck wRECk - Reviewing Prosdom's Earliest Stories.

Excerpts from the discussion are included below. Read the entire discussion here; WebCite.

Metabolick thoughts: "It is 3 weeks after the events of Power Games and the first free afternoon the lads have had since then. They go to view a film and eagerly anticipate the night to come. However, when they get back to the flat Doyle pulls a knife on Bodie and threatens to kill him “eventually” rather than letting anyone else have him. B agrees: “I feel that way, too. No one touches you but me…right?” I think this is a realistic way for these two tough men to declare their desire for an exclusive relationship.

A fandom trope in this story is the idea that they are both slightly crazy: “You call me a lunatic, but you’re crackers too. Thoroughly insane.” “Thoroughly,” Doyle agreed......

....The first part before the lads get to the flat doesn’t quite seem to fit in with the rest of the story. Also, although I know the author is English, having the lads buy hot dogs from a man with a hamburger stand strikes me as very American.

Krisserci5's thoughts: "It felt like part 2, basically a way for Doyle to equal things out by getting things straight with Bodie by putting a knife to his neck (raise your hand if you actually believed that Doyle would cut him) Doyle's major demand was "Don't treat me like a girl." If that was how Bodie treated girls, he wouldn't be getting much<g>

I'm glad I read it, but won't need to read again as I just don't ever see these characterizations."

Blue Amaranthe's thoughts: "Very talky. A lot of concern over roles and dynamics, which I think of as essentially feminine (only women fret about being treated like women -- you do not hear guys talk about this since...hello! It's not a concern for them as they're well aware).

Competently written but I do get really bored with the agonizing about Don't-you-dare-treat-me-like-a-girl! And whether they will be faithful or not (usually based on one or two nights together).

First line:

"You're mad, Bodie," Ray Doyle said conversationally as they crossed the road to his car.