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Case story vs case fic/casefic/etc?

This article kind of flip-flops between using "case story" and "case fic". Looking at the links to this page, it looks like variations on "casefile" are actually used the most (probably because of the dedicated x-files editors!) so I'm not sure that that's a useful metric. Here are just... some vague thoughts? For discussion?

The only fan comment on the page uses "casefic". I've never actually seen someone use "case story" before. Who uses it? How do they use it? There are only 57 works that show up when searching "case story" on AO3. Is "case story" more popular on earlier archives, on LJ/DW, or in zines? Can we dig up some comments using "case story"?

Also, should we use only "case story" for this page? That feels weird to me (coming from a strictly "casefic" side of things, lmao) but I think it's kind of weirder to use both terms interchangeably. And, like, are they interchangeable? Relationship Story and shipfic do not seem to be interchangeable, as "shipfic" leads to shipping.

Finally, the intro to this article currently makes it sound like case stories are only written for canons that already have case story narratives baked in (and specifically kind of like maybe only for procedural TV shows?) but I've read a lot of things tagged "casefic" that I consider casefic that are for canons who don't usually have casefic/case story narratives. Should the page be expanded, or is that the difference between a case story and a casefic? - Hoopla (talk) 21:10, 18 April 2019 (UTC)