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Are you looking for the SuperBat Big Bang that ran on LiveJournal? See SuperBat Big Bang (LiveJournal)
Name: SuperBat Big Bang (Tumblr)
Date(s): 2017, 2019
Type: Big Bang - Fanfiction, Fanart
Fandom: DC Comics
Associated Community:
URL: superbatbigbang
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The SuperBat Big Bang is a big bang challenge in DC Comics fandom, focused on the relationship of Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne also known as a SuperBat. Authors had to write a minimum of 8000 words, and artists had to create a minimum of one piece art, or vid that was a least a 1.5 minutes long.



The Crush Zone
metropolisjournal, steals_thyme
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 9k, Explicit
(set during Batman v. Superman) After the showdown at the Gotham Port and a hostile confrontation with the Bat vigilante, Clark tries to apologize for wrecking the Batmobile. Bruce is so angry, he can hardly keep his priorities straight. Will Bruce be able to hide what he thinks of the alien, or will everything end badly?

You Were Always on My Mind
blue_jack, Marourin
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 17k, Explicit
It wasn’t that Clark loved Bruce less, or admired him less, or had stopped being able to see all the things that had made him fall in love with Bruce in the first place. He just … didn’t want to be around him at the moment, found himself wondering what else Bruce would say to get his point across, what else he’d do to make sure Clark kept his distance.

I’ll Show You a Silver Rose
mithen, yamada
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 8k, Teen+
When Clark is trapped in the Phantom Zone, he can only watch in horror as Bruce interacts with the shapeshifter that has taken his place.

I’d Learn To Float
Meduseld, Selofain
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 19k, Teen+
Clark Kent is an up and coming gossip reporter, and a fledgling superhero, and he’s doing alright. Then Bruce Wayne adopts an orphan and everything goes to hell. In a good way.

Ghastly Murders in the East End
dippkip, Kingy
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 38k, Teen+
London, 1888. A vicious killer known as Jack the Ripper has begun haunting the district of Whitechapel. In light of Scotland Yard’s inability to solve the case, intrepid reporter Clark Kent has made it his mission to track down this fiend and bring them to justice, though he may find himself more deeply involved in the affair than he bargained for.

The Other World
Ginger, scumashslanderson
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 11k, Teen+
In this emotional story, Barry Allen goes missing on a mission fighting a new villain named DeathNote. Clark and Bruce must figure out where Barry disappear to. However, after a confrontation with DeathNote one will go to another Universe/World. Will the other save them in time? Or will DeathNote get to them?

Everyone Knew Eventually
vidavitavi, Roscuro
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 29k, Explicit
It took a little indirect help from a couple of embarrassing incidents, his ex, and his best friend’s son.

The End of the Star
Lopithecus, VaticanSaint
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 38k, Explicit
Bruce Wayne, is attacked and kidnapped on his way home from a charity event. Mysterious men whisk the billionaire away to a remote planet, light years away from Earth. A star system in peril needs his help. He must act to save the people of this strange new world. Things are not always as they seem, and what awaits on this alien odyssey will challenge even the Batman’s resolve.

Practical Magic
Pandamomochan, KatsuyaCrimson
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 22k, Explicit
From love spells, to body swaps, to gender switcheroos, Bruce and Clark have no luck with magic. Then again, maybe some magical mischief is just the trick these heroes need to finally admit their feelings.

Shotgun Kiss
KatsuyaCrimson, catgoboom
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 9k, Explicit
After being together over 25 years, age is getting to Bruce Wayne. Batman and Superman being the only things that drive Bruce to continue living, and for Clark to watch this, well most days feel like madness. They share a kiss to take away that madness.

The Wrong Foot
Kitty, orotea
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 16k, General Audiences
Krypton is under attack by an alien threat and the Justice League is called to assist. As thanks, Krypton offers young scientist Kal-el to travel to earth and update the Justice League’s tech. But, as Kal will soon discover, it’s pretty hard to do your job when you’ve got a bat breathing down your neck.

BuckinghamAlice, Kingy
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 12k, Teen+
When Bruce goes to visit Martha Kent eighteen months after Clark is killed, he discovers that Clark is back from the dead… and is now raising a baby who looks suspiciously like a mix of the two of them. As the two of them learn to co-parent, they must ask themselves if what was between them is really all in the past.

Make Your Mark (On My Heart)
technopat3, ireallyshouldbedrawing
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 8k, Explicit
Clark always thought he was an Alpha, then he thought no Alpha would want him. Bruce wants to prove otherwise.

This Side of the Stars
architeuthis, TKodami
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 43k, Teen+
After Clark’s death, Bruce finally gets to know him.

Like a Steel Trap
missigma, Batdad/mizgoat
lark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 27k, Explicit
A young Bruce Wayne travels to Metropolis to try to gather more information about a mysterious new hero, Superman. After his first attempt—questioning reporter Clark Kent in his hotel room—proves fruitless, he returns to his original plan to meet the man himself. Long aware of a kidnapping plot, Bruce allows himself to be taken captive in hopes that Superman will rescue him. While Superman does make an appearance, nothing else goes according to plan.

Pieces of Us
ComposerofDiscord, scumashslanderson
Hernan Guerra/Kirk Langstrom, 60k, Mature
“It’s human nature to want to live, and therefore Kirk shouldn’t be ashamed, but he was. He is. As soon as those otherworldly eyes met his, he knew this was not what he signed his life away to.” Kirk is recruited by the government to work on a confidential project. Desperate to find a cure for his cancer, he accepts only to find what he was testing was whom he was testing. By then, he couldn’t turn back. What’s done is done as he struggles to undo the mess he’s made.

Engraved In Our Souls
Nixie DeAngel, Batdad/mizgoat
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 9k, Teen+
It started with pain, with warm blood and bold, black letters. How was he to know it’d lead to a pair of gorgeous eyes, shimmering with the promise of life long happiness and love? Or, after years of waiting, Bruce finds his soulmate in the least likely of places.

I Pulled A Thorn From His Tiny Paw
bisexualagentcooper, architeuthis
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 8k, Teen+
When there’s a Superman imposter, Batman and Superman must work together to get to the bottom of it.

steals_thyme, architeuthis, TKodami
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 20k, Teen+
It’s midsummer, 2006. In the wake of his son’s death, Bruce Wayne tries to outrun his grief on a cross-country road trip. When his car breaks down on a dusty road in the heart of Kansas, a friendly stranger stops to lend a hand.

The Pitter Patter… of the Shower
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 3k, Explicit
Clark and Bruce try to have sex without waking the baby.

Pole Dancing Hernan
Hernan Guerra/Kirk Langstrom, art, Mature
pole dancing Hernan for @superbatbigbang Amnesty week. A thought continued from this post because the uniform of Zod from Superman 2 looks like a dancer’s uniform.

Fortunate Accident
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 13k, Teen+
Clark confessing his feelings to Bruce was never part of the plan, and now both of them have to face the consequences.

all each riddles, when unknown
susiecarter, steals_thyme, TKodami
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 51k, Mature
Post-MoS AU: Clark, struggling to deal with the events of Black Zero Day, is assigned a straightforward human-interest piece—on Wayne Enterprises. Then Batman catches Superman’s attention, Clark Kent starts investigating Batman, Bruce Wayne spends a lot of time arguing with hitting on Clark Kent, and Bruce’s best efforts to find a way to hurt Superman start to bear fruit. And then things get complicated.


bonehandledknife, Sdiosb, SDeeyS
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 29k, Explicit
(DCU) Bruce is politely poked in the cheek by a flying dick one night. Hijinks, and more worldbuilding than you can shake a dick at, ensue.

Again I Go Unnoticed
Sam4265, TKodami
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, Lex Luthor/Bruce Wayne, 42k, Explicit
(Smallville) Bruce Wayne moved to Smallville when he was eight years old, beginning a friendship with Clark Kent that would come to define the world. But for now they’re just teenagers in love with all the wrong people, running in circles until they finally find their way to each other.

The Incandescent Rose
truc, lesbidar
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, Terry McGinnis/Dana Tan, 9k, Teen and Up
(Batman Beyond) Terry McGinnis (the new Batman) impulsively asks marriage proposal advice from his mentor and grumpy father figure Bruce Wayne. When the older man describes a proposal in which he had been yelled at and abandoned, Terry can’t help investigate the matter by seeing some of Bruce’s most knowledgeable friends and family members. This search prompts someone else into action.

Flowers in the Dustbin
G.G. Kinko (Cheese_kun), magpiebee, SDeeyS
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 9.6k, Explicit
(No Specific Continuity) Bruce, now in his early sixties and married for nearly twenty years, was caught off guard by a sudden thought that he suddenly hated the sight of Clark. In an attempt to salvage a marriage that was threatening to fall apart due to Bruce’s sudden indifference, he booked a vacation to remake the bond…from one landmark to the next.

Mercy for a dreamer
Dino_Cattivo, Jayjayverse
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 25k, Not Rated
(No Specific Continuity) Clark is happily married to Bruce. But his husband starts acting strange and Clark gets suspicious. At first Clark suspect Bruce of cheating but there is something bigger at work here affecting everyone around him. And Clark is set on finding out what it is. And with every piece of the puzzle he finds the situation just gets more confusing. Clark just wish he could wake up from all of this and go back to the times before everything fell apart.

The Game of Love
Kaizokuhime, lovelastart
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 12k, Explicit
(Alternate Universe) In WayneTech VR Augmented Gaming, a guild of superheroes has arisen who volunteer to help police that reality. One of these superheroes, Superman, has had a crush on his fellow member, Batman, for many years, but thus far has had little success on asking him out, even as fellow guildmembers. How will their relationship progress? And how intimate can they truly become without knowing the other’s identity offline?

Icedlemon, Ms. 3, Santheum
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 13k, Teen and Up
(DCU, Alternate Universe) Life has a way of bringing people together, even if they’re from different planets.

The Opposite of Love
Butterflyslinky, mirybdraws
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent/Lois Lane, Selina Kyle/Bruce Wayne, 10k, Explicit
(Alternate Universe) Twenty years ago, Batman and Superman formed a bond to stop an alien threat. Now that Bruce wants to get married for real, he and Clark will have to travel to an alien planet to break that bond.

Clark Kent, of Krypton
TerresDeBrume, stuvyx
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 98k, Mature
(DCU, Alternate Universe) Batman crashes on Krypton a few days before the Turn of the Year celebrations and Kal-El’s life takes a sharp turn to the left, on a path that will ultimately lead him to becoming Clark Kent.

Through a Glass Darkly
susiecarter, lesbidar, Santheum
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 111k, Explicit
(DCEU) Post-BvS AU: Batman killed Superman—and then Metropolis was wrecked by Doomsday, not long before Steppenwolf arrived and conquered the world with innumerable swarms of parademons. Bruce’s nightmare has come true, in every way but one: what’s left of humanity is fighting to survive in a hostile wasteland as Steppenwolf manipulates the power of a pair of mother boxes to gradually reshape the planet to serve his needs. But rumors of a threat that could be greater still are finally forcing Bruce to consider taking truly drastic steps. Like bringing Superman back from the dead.

missigma, Ischa
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne/Female OC, 12k, Explicit
(pre-New52 Comics) Today, it is not Batman who is under attack, but Bruce Wayne. Mired in a court battle, he fights to keep his company out of bankruptcy and himself out of jail. But that fight is quickly forgotten as he barely survives an assassination attempt. Clark rushes to his side in Gotham City. With the help of Dick Grayson, he comes to the terrifying conclusion that not only is someone trying to ruin Bruce Wayne, but that person must know his true identity. To protect Bruce, Clark appoints himself as his bodyguard. Despite Bruce’s protests, he accompanies him as Bruce attempts to rebuild his tattered reputation with a new business deal.

Alternative Beginnings
Ischa and Icalynn, with-your-poncho-on
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 25k, Explicit
(Alternate Universe) In which Clark’s parents sell the farm and join the circus to keep Clark safe and Dick and Clark grow up as brothers. When Clark is sixteen he falls in love with the very handsome Thomas Kane–but as suddenly as Kane joins the circus he disappears, leaving Clark without a word and brokenhearted. Five years later they meet again in Gotham on the day Dick’s parents die. Clark, feeling guilty about letting the Graysons die and determined to not fail Dick, leaves the circus to get Dick back–and get some answers from Bruce Wayne. But of course Bruce Wayne isn’t the only one with secrets. Meanwhile Dick is out for revenge. He wants the man who killed his parents: Tony Zucco. Dick’s and the Batman’s paths are about to cross.

I Would Go In Chains (Just To Set You Free)
BatsAreFluffy, adumbtree-draws
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 23k, Teen and Up
(No Specific Continuity) After an offworld mission goes horribly awry, Clark begins to wonder if the past is really behind him and Bruce. And what better way to deal with the issues than with planetary peace talks, forced transformations, and a psychic bond that doesn’t allow for lying?

I’ve Seen Your Flag On The Marble Arch
minT (justiceleague), mirybdraws, Dino_Cattivo
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, Diana Prince/Lois Lane, Past Clark Kent/Diana Prince, 18k, Mature
(Animated Movie Verse) He draws Clark to sitting position and pulls him close, hands on either side of his head. He feels the rise and fall of Clark’s chest against his body, and he doesn’t let go because he needs to feel it, to be sure. There’s a crackle over their comms, and Barry’s voice cuts through the noise around them, jarring. “Holy shit, are Batman and Superman hugging?” A reimagining of the events of - and preceding - the Death of Superman, if Clark had fallen for Bruce instead of Lois.

Faal Dovahkiinro Wund
dippkip, liodain
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 19k, Teen and Up
(Alternate Universe) Ever since that fateful day in Helgen, it seemed Clark’s life in Skyrim was doomed to be anything but simple. Dubbed “Dragonborn” but offered little guidance, Clark must muddle his way across the unpleasantly cold countryside with only his reticent friend Bruce for company. Together they will hunt down a serial killer, save a young boy’s life, and kill a few dragons along the way - all in a day’s work for the Dovahkiin.

A Knight’s Heart
LilisBooks, carry-on-my-wayward-artblog, boomdeyadah
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne; Lex Luthor/Clark Kent (one sided), 15k, Mature
(Alternate Universe) King Bruce is fighting a war he has no desire to be in whatsoever, especially since the war cost him more than he could’ve ever thought, just before it all began. Clark is just a knight fighting for what he has lead to believe is right, unsure of the reasons behind the war King Luthor has against all kingdoms. Is when these two men met that their beliefs are shaken to their core and the connection they share is more than it first leads the eye. This is a tale of knights and Kings, of war within kingdoms and a search for truth and justice with a tad of love along the way.

A Beautiful Lie
Killer_Rabbit_of_Caerbannog, JolBalrok
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, minor Clark Kent/Diana, minor Clark Kent/Lois Lane 16k, Explicit
(DCEU with nods to Injustice) ‘Pet Sematary’ Barry had said, and Clark wonders if he’d somehow been right about that and he’d come back to life… wrong. False memories tangle with whispers in his head, a future Darkseid promises him, and through it all Clark tries to remember that in this world, his world, he doesn’t know what Bruce Wayne’s kisses taste like.

Holdt & spacewolfcub, Ms. 3
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, Pamela Isley/Bruce WayneBruce Wayne/Other(s)Clark Kent/Other(s), 51k, Explicit
(DCEU Alternate Universe) The training and scars of Nanda Parbat run deep— Bruce has always fought the demons that make him want to stalk the night and rend pain unto the deserving. After a decade of trying to stay afloat, using BDSM as both punishment and moral compass, he turns to The Agency. Through them, he finds Mistress Ivy, whose Services help him keep ahead of the encroaching darkness… until he finds his lifeline gone without warning when Ivy’s extreme methods and poison play are revealed and she is exiled. The Agency has a reputation to uphold, secretive as they are. For years, they’ve offered him a chance at salvation—for a price. It is no different now and Bruce grasps desperately at their offer. Can the Service Provider known as Mr. S, the so-called “SuperDom,” help him rein in the Bat?

The Words We Never Said
Mechformers, susscx
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 13k, Explicit
(DCEU) Bruce is done pining. It is time to move on, time to heal and live out the rest of his life away from the man of steel. But what is two lovesick puppies to do, when they both need each other, as they need air to live? Misunderstandings are bound to happen, feelings trampled and cast aside as the two greatest men alive try to figure out the ancient wonders of confessions.

The Shape of my Heart
Brenda, Selofain, carry-on-my-wayward-artblog (CrocInCros)
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 27k, Explicit
(DCEU) Bruce is impossible, stubborn, willfully self-destructive, and so self-sacrificing it’s a wonder he hasn’t suffocated under the weight of it. And Clark is stupidly, dizzyingly, crazy about him. Or, post-Justice League, five things Clark learns about Bruce that make him go all heart-eyes, and the time he finally does something about it.

The Greatest Way
lesbidar, haljords (barrybinary), androbeaurepaire
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 17k, Teen and up
It’s Diana that ascertains their problem. She has an uncanny way of discovering truths that are best kept buried. After a year together, Bruce and Clark are having troubles. To save their relationship, they agree to answer a series of questions designed to foster emotional intimacy. It goes about as well as you’d expect.

No More Heroes (In a World so Cold)
ComposerofDiscord, SDeeyS
Hernan Guerra/Kirk Langstrom, Pre Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 27k, Teen and Up
(DCAU/Justice League: Gods & Monsters) Clark and Bruce are visited by an Amanda Waller from another world. She asks for their help with her Superman, Hernan Guerra, who has gone rogue. Clark accepts, and Bruce goes with him When they arrive, Clark wishes to see who Hernan is and what he has done, while Bruce investigates the day Hernan went berserk. With what Bruce has gathered from his investigation and what Clark has seen of Hernan, they must decide who they can trust in the GnM universe: Waller or Hernan, or is there something much larger at play?

A Golden Bell Hung in My Heart
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 9k, Explicit
(DCAU and DCEU Mashup) After finding themselves transported to Faerie, Superman and Batman must navigate an enchanted forest in order to get themselves back to their own plane of existence. Which would be easy enough—they’re not the World’s Finest for no reason, after all—if not for the fact that they’ve been cornered by a unicorn attracted by Superman’s virginity. Of course, who better to pop the Man of Steel’s cherry than Gotham’s Dark Knight?

that dwell in dust
flirtygaybrit, g.g. kinko, TKodami
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 53k, Mature
(DCEU) Things are different after Clark Kent returns to the world: tainted things are made beautiful once more, a long-dormant seed begins to grow, and eventually, nature reclaims its own. Or: Clark plants a garden, Victor keeps a terrible secret, and Bruce faces the consequences of bringing someone back from the dead.

Extra Art for The Game (of Love)
lovelastart Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, art only

Catch a Falling Star
architeuthis, G.G. Kinko, mashimero
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, 22k, Explicit
(DCEU) Bruce is in the middle of a stakeout when Clark returns from an offworld mission, full of ideas.

On The Cusp
vesper_house, milki3way
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, Diana Prince/Lois Lane, 47k, Explicit
(DCEU Alternate Universe) Clark’s life isn’t what he imagined it would be. Instead of having a flourishing journalism career, he makes coffe at the Typewriter - coffee shop owned by Lois, his old crush who’s currently dating Diana. He’s lonely, he’s broke, and the only thing that makes him happy is his charity work. However, it takes just one day to turn everything round. Internet fame, investigations, billionaires with secret identities and homeless cats follow through.

Rewrite the Stars
crypt_mirror, albilibertea
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, ~20k, Explicit
(DCEU Alternate Universe) Clark Kent the Superman, Bruce Wayne the Dark Knight, their soul marks fated them to be together. But fate and destiny seem to have other plans. Even as they play their part, they pay the price. Could they ever rewrite the stars?