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Pairing: Spike/Dawn Summers
Alternative name(s): Spawn
Gender category: Het, M/F
Fandom: Buffyverse
Canonical?: non-canon
Prevalence: rare
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Spike/Dawn is a het pairing of Spike and Dawn Summers from the Buffyverse fandom.


Dawn Summer is introduced in season 5 of BtVS. She is the younger sister of Buffy Summers. Spike often babysits Dawn and treats her like a younger sibling. When Glory tortures Spike to learn the identity of the Key, Spike doesn't betray Dawn. After Buffy's death, Spike continues to look after and protect Dawn.



Spike/Dawn is a rare pairing. Many fans did not enjoy this pairing due to the age difference, with Dawn been 15 in season 5, and their pseudo familial relationship in canon.[1]

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The pairing waned as these two had fewer interactions in canon after season 6. The writer, Marti Noxon explained this decision in the DVD commentary for "Bargaining 1 & 2": "One thing we were definitely aware of after we shot this scene was that, you know, Dawn is definitely straddling that age where she's... you know, not yet a girl, not yet a woman. What is it? Not yet a girl, not yet a woman? There were places where we looked at this scene where we went, God, she is really becoming... very, you know, sexy in her own way, and she has... I think, some stance you know... crossed legged kind of, looking at Spike -- where we are like, maybe we shouldn't have them sitting so close together after this." [2] Their canon relationship also became more antagonistic following Spike attempted rape of Buffy in "Seeing Red".

Common Tropes & Storylines

  • Underage fics are common due to Dawn's age in canon.
  • Some fics age up Dawn, so she is 17, 18 or older during canon events of the Buffy series.
  • Hurt Comfort fics often involve Dawn and Spike comforting one another after Buffy's death.
  • Future Fics pairing an older Dawn with Spike are often set Post-NFA and may included a human Spike, as the Shanshu prophecy has been completed.
  • The gen pairing of Dawn & Spike appears to be as common as the het pairing of these two.


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  • Forbidden by sexymermaid (Unavailable since 2011?)
  • Temptation by virtualpersonal and vikingprincess, A Shanshued Spike awoke in the custody of the Watchers’ Council after his fiery sacrifice at the end of BtVS Season 7. Although he does not personally recall his prior life, he has been told about it by the Council, who also set up him as a teacher in London’s public school system. Dawn comes overseas for a semester as an exchange student at the school where Spike works. (2006)
  • Wanderlust by Mala, Due to some people who shall remain unnamed (*cough*MERE*cough*LEX*), I started having evil thoughts about the last remaining Summers woman and our favorite fangman. What happens when they begin to change? When their relationship begins to change? Set Post-The Gift. (2001)
  • Let the World Spin by wesleysgirl, AU after "The Gift." Spike promised Buffy that he'd look after Dawn until the end of the world, and he will. (2012)


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