The Bloodshedverse

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Name: The Bloodshedverse
Date(s): ~2005 – present
Archivist: Diabola
Founder: Bloodshedbaby
Type: fic archive
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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The Bloodshedverse is a Spuffy fanfic archive for stories where Spike acts like a bloodthirsty vampire. Originally all stories were required to include 'biting or bloodplay' but later vampire-Spike stories without biting were permitted when tagged as 'non-bitey' in genre. Human-Spike stories are still not allowed.[1]

In April 2012, it contained over 1500 stories from over 300 authors. As of June 2016, it remains online with ongoing updates; there are 1658 stories from 318 authors.


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