Sora no Hitsuji

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Title: Sora no Hitsuji (空の羊)
Circle: Nekogami-Dou (猫神堂)
Doujinka: shima
Fandom: Harry Potter
Date/s: 09 August 2002
Type: manga
Size: B5, 38 pages
Language: Japanese
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Sora no Hitsuji (空の羊, "Sheep of the Sky") is a Harry Potter doujinshi by Nekogami-Dou. It contains two stories; in one, Harry is living with Remus and Sirius, and the other is set during the Marauders era after Remus, Sirius, and James had left Hogwarts. It is primarily gen, though the first story may contain slight hints of Harry/Sirius.


The Sirius/Harry in this doujinshi is very light. If you weren't looking for it, you'd never find it. There are two main stories in this doujinshi. The first story is about Lupin and Harry. Lupin is having nightmares about James and Peter and Harry wakes him up. Then they start talking about things ... In the second story, James, Sirius and Lupin meet for a butterbeer but there is just a bit of tension in the air. Set shortly before the Voldemort attack.[1]
Wahhhh! The latest DJ by Neko-gami Duo [sic] more than lives up to its predecessors. I have three of the publications to date and would be very grateful for any information regarding the other two(? I know Books No. 6 and 7 are HP. I don't know what series Book No. 4 was for.).

A beautiful 'night sky' scene with Sirius, Remus, and James makes up the front cover; probably copic. The more I see this circle's Remus the more it feels right. He just can't get any better.

There really isn't any Sirius+Harry subtext in this one, although it's obvious that Harry is staying with Remus and Sirius. Actually, the first story, which revolves around a full moon, seems to give the spotlight to the Remus and Harry dynamic, which I really enjoyed. Sirius makes a cameo appearance while Remus is recovering.

The second story takes place in the past. Remus and Sirius are waiting in an empty pub, when a cloaked figure approaches them-- it's James. The three friends talk of Harry and Lily, and good times for awhile, but a strain is evident. Sirius leaves, pulling James into a hug before he does. James is about to leave Remus, but sits back down again. It's very much a Remus and James story-- you get the sense of the unspoken questions between them. James finally returns home, and you can see that he's sad... there's a short conversation with Lily.

One thing I haven't quite figured out in the text... during the Remus and James conversation, practically every character Remus speaks has a dot to the right. I don't know what it means, or if it is simply some kind of type-setting problem....

Once again, Neko-gami Duo [sic] has impressed me with the emotional impact of their stories.[2]



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