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Name: Killian
Alias(es): SetsuntaMew, trashmagi, zekkushion, kirrianu, judaryuu, eridanamporaa, killiansicons, AkechiStan
Type: fan writer, cosplayer
Fandoms: Kingdom Hearts, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, Mo Dao Zu Shi, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Persona, Trigun, Ensemble Stars!, Final Fantasy VII, Homestuck, Harry Potter, Pokemon
Communities: juhakuweek, mewdragon, 0kingdom_hearts, playthedamncard, labyrinthofkink, kh_drabble
Other: AO3
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SetsuntaMew, also known simply as Killian, is a fanfic author, graphics maker, and cosplayer, primarily in the Kingdom Hearts, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, and Mo Dao Zu Shi fandoms. In the past, they have dabbled in creating fanart, fanmixes, and cosplay photography, but their primary focus is writing.

Most of their fannish activity has been done with the username SetsuntaMew, which has been in use since late 2003. Fanfics published under this name vary in genre but common ones include AUs (particularly reincarnation AUs), humor, fluff, PWP, and modern fantasy. Their writing tends to be character and dialogue driven.

As trashmagi, they have published fanfics that focus on nsfw and/or weirder themes, including mpreg, gore, and cannibalism.

While they have organized fandom events in the past - such as Juhaku Week and The Labyrinth of Kink - currently, they run MewDragon Scans with dragonofeternal.


They first got into fandom in the late 90s by lurking on Angelfire and Geocities fansites, before attempting to create their own.

In 2003, they created a FanFiction.Net account and started posting Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts fanfics. They also joined DeviantArt at the same time, but the account sat mostly unused until 2009, at which point they began sharing their cosplay on it.

In 2004, they joined LiveJournal (after watching from a distance wistfully while the invite code system was in place) where they participated in kh_drabble, created fandom icons and graphics, and joined discussions in various fandom communities. They also joined GreatestJournal around the same time, though they mainly used it for their personal journal and non-fandom graphics community.

In 2008, they joined Twitter and have used it primarily to talk to fandom friends as well as meet new ones. They rarely post new fannish content there; anything shared there is usually a link out to the content on other sites.

In 2010, the joined Tumblr purely to follow millenniumtinnyrod, but eventually migrated there as their primary fandom space on the internet. During their time on Tumblr, they mostly posted cosplays and graphics, before returning to their roots as a fanfic author. In early 2015, they began posting juhaku fanworks and became very active in that particular ship's fandom. They collaborated with dragonofeternal on a number of fanfics.

In 2011, they joined Archive of Our Own, but didn't begin posting new works there until 2015. It also contains crossposts of all their old content from FanFiction.Net.

In 2012, the joined Dreamwidth to participate in Homestuck World Cup on Team Cronkri. In late 2018, they returned to Dreamwidth after being dissatisfied with Tumblr's policy changes and their growing concern for how the Tumblr NSFW Content Purge would affect them.

Transformative Works Policy

I welcome and encourage any and all remixes/translations/podfics/fanart/etc of my fics, I just ask that you let me know about them so I can give them attention!

Notable Fanworks

Kingdom Hearts

  • scream - E, Vanitas/Ventus. Content warning: gore, cannibalism, torture, pseudo-incest. Vanitas finds a way to keep Ventus with him forever.

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Mo Dao Zu Shi

  • Son of a Sun - T, Lan Wangji/Wei Wuxian/Wen Ning, Post-canon, fluff. Wei Wuxian wants to tell Lan Wangji something important, but he’s never been able to stop himself from blurting things out in the worst way possible. He just wants something better than “Remember when I said I birthed A-Yuan myself, with my own body? I wasn’t actually kidding!”

Persona 5