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Name: MewDragon Scans
Founder: SetsuntaMew
Members: 0megabigbang, apodays, arahith, dragonofeternal, Eclipse, knoxompax, lucari, maumauxmau, reese16065
Dates: 9 April 2015 - present
Medium: doujinshi, scanlation
Projects: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh!
Translating From: Japanese
Translating To: English
External Links: on LiveJournal
on Dreamwidth

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MewDragon Scans is a Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh! scanlation group that scans and translates doujinshi. It is run by SetsuntaMew and dragonofeternal.

They have scanned over 100 doujinshi, however the majority remain untranslated.

Finished Projects

As of January 2019, they have scanlated the following doujinshi:

  • Insomnia by Asuru
  • Dead End by chilblains
  • The Frame Behind Your Shield by DalcRose
  • The Hanged Man by Highlander Call
  • One after another by RAINboots
  • His Majesty is playing inside right now! by Satsujin Kiseru
  • Playtime is over by Satsujin Kiseru
  • Dilettante#2 Viscera by Soko De Me o Tsubere
  • Proof of Love by 雪ウサギMix
  • To Touch Heat by 雪ウサギMix
  • Two People Alone by 雪ウサギMix
  • Zenbu Zenbu Netsu No Sei by 雪ウサギMix
  • Person who does as he pleases by YU-CHO///PAL
  • Golden Error by WHiP!
  • Temperature by 田中一個
  • Funeral March by 恋戦:rensen
  • The King, The Snake, and The Thorn by いちじく亭

Current Team