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Name: dragonofeternal
Alias(es): dragon-of-eternal, dragon_of_eternal, l_sempiternal, sempiternalserpent, trash-raccoon, spacemagi
Type: fan writer, fan artist, and moderator
Fandoms: Black Butler, Dragon Knights, Homestuck, Kingdom Hearts, Magi: the Labyrinth of Magic
Communities: Homestuck Shipping World Cup, Black Butler Kink Meme, Magi Kink Meme, Mewdragon Scans
URL: AO3, Dreamwidth, Twitter, Tumblr
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Dragonofeternal is a fan writer and artist currently active in the Magi: the Labyrinth of Magic and Kingdom Hearts fandoms. They have intermittently been involved in event and community moderation in the past.


Dragonofeternal began their fandom activity in the late 90s and early 2000s. Much of their early years were spent on now-defunct independent fan sites and forums for the various anime and manga fandoms. The earliest extant use of their primary fandom name occurred on deviantArt in 2005 under the dragon_of_eternal variation. In 2018, they changed this account to be registered under the updated spelling without the underscores.

In 2008, they began actively using LiveJournal under the name l_sempiternal because their primary handle was already registered by someone else. On LiveJournal they became active in the Black Butler communities there. From 2009-2010, they served as the moderator of the Black Butler Kink Meme. Livejournal continued to be one of their primary fandom spaces for the next few years.

In 2011, dragonofeternal registered both their tumblr and their AO3 accounts. Through tumblr they were introduced to many other fandoms, including Homestuck, Magi: the Labyrinth of Magic, and others. Tumblr would continue to be their primary fandom home for the next several years, although most of their content would be either initially posted or cross-posted to AO3 for its greater stability and better formatting for sharing fanfiction.

In 2013 they answered a post on tumblr looking for people interested in creating a successor to the Homestuck Shipping Olympics. Dragonofeternal named the successor Homestuck Shipping World Cup, in keeping with the original HSO mods' wishes that subsequent events not use the same name. They put together a moderation team over the course of April and early May, created the graphics that would be used for the event's brief life, and wrote many of the initial rules and FAQ posts. Their moderation work on Dreamwidth was done under the handle sempiternalserpent. At the end of the second main round of the event, real life circumstances forced them to step down from moderation. They were invited to rejoin the moderation team in 2014, but declined due to scheduling conflicts.

Dragonofeternal continued to be fairly inactive once more until joining the Magi: the Labyrinth of Magic fandom in 2015. While in Magi fandom they wrote prolifically and also produced a few fan arts and illustrated fanfics, frequently collaborating with SetsuntaMew. They ran Juhaku Ship Week in 2016 with SetsuntaMew. They also started a Magi kinkmeme on Dreamwidth, but it failed to take off thanks to the fandom's preference for tumblr.

Although their blog was not deleted by the Tumblr NSFW Content Purge of December, 2018, their primary blog was internally flagged as nsfw, hiding it from search results. Between this flagging, their own stance against censorship, and a growing frustration with the tone of fan culture on tumblr, dragonofeternal largely quit tumblr and migrated to dreamwidth and twitter as their primary spaces for fandom activity.

Transformative Works Policy

Dragonofeternal openly welcomes transformative works based on their own fanworks. This includes, but is not limited to: derivative fanfics, remixes, fanart, translations, and podfic. They do request attribution on transformative works and to be notified of any transformative works made based on their fanworks. They do request that people ask before using more unpolished things like headcanon posts.

Style and Themes

Dragonofeternal's often prominently feature fantastical elements, and themes of sensuality and violence are common in their works. They typically write in a dialogue-driven 3rd person past tense style, though present tense sometimes appears in their works, especially those written in collaboration with SetsuntaMew, who favors present-tense for their prose.

Notable Works

Wither, Flourish, and Feast