Homestuck Shipping Olympics

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Name: Homestuck Shipping Olympics
Date(s): 2011 August 1st - October 4th, 2012 May 20th - August 28th
Moderator(s): inkpool, mimicre, panicum, playerprophet
Founder: inkpool, mimicre
Type: Shipping Olympics
Fandom: Homestuck
Associated Community: hs-olympics
HSO Banner by mimicre (2011).
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The Homestuck Shipping Olympics (HSO) was a mixed media Homestuck fanworks challenge which ran in 2011 and 2012. This challenge emphasized creativity, teamwork, and variance in shipping.


HSO drew inspiration from the Demon's Lexicon Ship Wars as well as other Star Trek Ship Wars and Ship Olympics.[1] Participants would sign up and form teams with their favorite ship in Homestuck, then create fanwork relating to that ship and various prompts. Fanworks could be created by individual members of the team, but had to be submitted to the public voting area by the Palhoncho (team leader). Prompts were assigned in four different rounds, the fourth being a "collab round" where three team members or more had to participate in the creation of the fanwork. Teams were assigned points based on how many votes they received from other teams during a voting period. Teams also received points from participation in "bonus rounds," where point value was given to teams based on the amount of content they put out relating to the prompt. At the end of HSO, a winning team would be declared based on overall point value.[2][3]

2011 Games

The 2011 HSO had over 450 signups and over 50 teams.[4] All Homestuck quadrants were allowed, as well as ships with more than two characters and selfcest. Teams had to have a minimum of five members with a maximum of twelve members.[5] If someone was not able to join a team with the required amount of participants, said user could join the rarepair team, the voting only team, or drop out of the competition.

The overall winner of the 2011 HSO was Team Kanaya<>Karkat. The winning teams and other awards can be found here. A corrupted rankings list can be found here. The top 15 of each round can be found here.

Example Works


Topsy Turvy Back to Front The Right Way Round (Team John<3Rose<3Dave<3Jade)
and her pale fire she snatches from the sun (Team Kanaya<>Karkat)
Girls' First Datestuck (Team Jade<3Rose)

Interactive Fiction

Sail Your Ships (Team Ectobiology)
Baptized By Fire (Team Dave<>Terezi)

Visual Novel

Jade: Be The Hero (Team Dave<3Jade)
Between The Woods And Lifeless Lake or How We Spent Our Summer Vacation (Team John<3Rose)

2012 Games

The 2012 HSO had over 1,500 signups and over 120 teams.[6] The overall rule structure was the same as the previous year, however, teams had to have a minimum of six members with a maximum of ten members.

The overall winner of the 2012 HSO was Team Dave<3Rose<3Terezi. The winning teams and other awards can be found here. A full rankings list can be found here.

Example Works


Perpetuum Mobile (Team Dave<3Rose<3Terezi)
A Roving Dust (Team Aradia<>Sollux)


Spacewatching (Team Terezi<3Vriska)

Adventure Games

Call of Shakira: Gears of Jadekat (Team Jade<3Karkat)
Fuck Yeah, Adventure (Team Bro<3Grandpa)

Interactive Fiction

Crank That Boner Time (Team Dave<3Dave)
Dave Strider and the Legend of the Wind King (Team Dave<3John)

Visual Novels

Play By Heart (Team Dirk<3Jake)

End of HSO

Due to the extreme effort required to moderate the 2012 HSO, inkpool and mimicre called off any future HSO iterations.[7] The event was extremely stressful to the team of moderators, so much so that mimicre took a indefinite leave of fandom activities.[8] Any further related shipping Olympics, including the Homestuck World Cup, will not be considered to fall within the bounds of HSO.


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