Sekaiichi Yuumeina Mahoutsukai

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Title: 世界一有名な魔法使い
Sekaiichi Yuumeina Mahoutsukai
Circle: Mochiya (もち屋)
Doujinka: Sukiya Wabisuke (数寄屋佗助)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Date/s: 30 December 2001
Type: manga
Size: B5, 30 pages[1]
Language: Japanese
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Sekaiichi Yuumeina Mahoutsukai (世界一有名な魔法使い), sometimes translated "The Most Famous Magician in the World,"[2] is a Harry Potter doujinshi by Mochiya. It is mostly gen but contains some shounen ai.


Featuring Harry and Hedwig on the front cover; Ron and Hermione are on the back. Slightly metallic-irridescent cover. The interior art of this doujinshi is very authentically CLAMP-esque (specifically, in the style of Card Captor Sakura manga). It should come as no surprise that Sukiya Wabisake has collaborated on many CCS djs.

Several short gags in the front and back: Hermione harping after the boys about studying, Harry and Hagrid in Ollivander's (this one even has a visual reference to CCS), Remus and Harry experience some 'Sirius' distractions from a boggart lesson, still more Sirius scenes, and Hermione got entirely too much of a thrill watching Snape tie Lupin up!

The longer, more serious story starts with Sirius dreaming about his cell in Azkaban... and James (It's Clow Reed, I tell you! ^^;;) When he wakes, it's to discover that Harry has fixed him soup (It looks like miso. Fascinating cultural bleed-- Harry wearing an apron and slippers...). They talk for awhile, and Sirius pulls Harry into a sudden hug, grateful to be able to see something of James in his son. The expression on Harry's face here is priceless.

There really isn't any shonen ai in a true sense on the phrase. Like CLAMP, Mochiya is very good at treading a subtle line. If there's any shonen ai in their interactions, it's because one choses [sic] to see it there. (Then again, if it is miso soup...?)[3]

Mochiya's first Harry Potter doujinshi, it's one of my favorite. There are a few short gag stories that amuse me -- Hermione's secret life as a doujinshi artist; Ollivander tries to give Harry the Clow Wand. There's also one story about Sirius -- how upset he is at James' death. I love seeing Harry Potter drawn CLAMP style. It's beautiful.[4]
Mochiya's 1st Harry Potter oriented doujinshi (in total this is their 27th book!), mimicking CLAMP's unique and cheerful art style as usual. ^^ [...] She picked a very pretty and "feel good" illustration for this cover and no matter how different Harry's wand is and how posessive and fearsome Hedwig looks sitting there on his shoulder, it's still my honest opinion the boy resembles Card Captor Sakura a lot. :) They have almost the same hair-style and hair color, even. Never seen Harry without black hair before, so this must be a first. *chuckle* In addition, inside the doujinshi Harry's wearing big, comfy slippers that look a bit like Sakura's, too. ^^ On the back, Hermione is showing off a similar fun wand and her hair is quite fair, almost blond, but this isn't an unusual thing when it comes to doujinshi!Hermione versions. Japanese artists make her blond or a *very* light brunette quite often.

So far this book is my fave by Mochiya, it's just too cute for words. The quality of the covers is very nice, with a bit of shine to it. Nice and sleek. There are 3 standalone illustrations of Harry in his Hogwarts uniform and with faithful Hedwig, again, on his shoulder, one of Hermione kneeling on the stone floor and touching her reflection in The Mirror of Erised (a nice illustration, I think, since Hermione in the book doesn't know about the Mirror), and another one of sitting Harry in uniform, with Sirius in his dog form sitting behind him. The circle's art is very consistent and even and the inside of the book is always just as good as the cover. You always good quality art when Sukiya Wabisuke's involved, so if you want to start collecting her books, I recommend you pick this one first. Her younger charas look girly and similar to each other (except for the hair-styles and such), like the trio, the older generations are alright though. Here we have six one page gag stories starring the trio, Lupin, Black and Snape, and one longer and very sweet, heart-warming post-POA story about Harry and Black. [...] There are also all sorts of gags in this book, like I've said before, from a deliberate Card Captor Sakura parody where poor Harry receives his "wand" for the first time that looks like Sakura's pink one from the anime/manga (its tip reminds me of a bird's head a little, it's beaky and weird 0_o;;), to Lupin practicing a spell, Harry blushing at smiling Cho (unlike in the books, her hair is barely shoulder-length) which makes dog!Sirius jealous and throwing his paws in the air like humans do with their hands when they're defeated and want to act all dramatic, and one with Snape bonding Lupin with a spell, resulting in Lupin looking very vulnerable and innocent all tied up. A few Hermione shots here and there which pleases me because I like it when talented dj artist draw her. ^^

A very pretty book! A must for Mochiya fans and a good pick for Harry/Sirius fans. *nod* Gorgeous.[5]



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