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You may be looking for the gen and slash library: The Starsky & Hutch Lending Library.

Name: S&H Genzine Lending Library
Date(s): 1997-2000?
Founder: K. Hanna Korossy
Type: fanzine lending library
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
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S&H Genzine Lending Library was founded by K. Hanna Korossy in 1997.

From a July 1997 Black Bean Soup: "Announcing the opening of the 'S&H Genzine Lending Library.'! This Lending Library has been set up to meet the needs of a growing fandom and a shrinking supply of available out-of-print zines. Please send a SASE for details and rules. Signing up requires only sending a $3 stamp, the $1/transaction fee (which covers library supllies -- the library is strictly non-profit), and your wish list form teh zines listed below. All library zines are out-of-print, and the mixed zines originally contained mixed slash (homoerotic) and gen content, but the slash has been omitted for the purpose of this gen-only library. All are welcome!"

The Slash Omissions

In 2001, a fan was perplexed that the zine she'd bought on eBay had had the slash fics removed. Another fan speculated as to why this had been done and of the zine's origins:
I can give you the most likely scenario regarding this zine. There is another lending library besides the S&H Lending Library that The Committee runs. This other lending library is a gen only library that will tell you right up front that it not only limits its selection to gen material, but it also will take mixed zines, like Bonaventure, remove the slash content, and then offer the zine to its members with only the gen content. They do not remove the indexes. Many of its library members, like ours, copy the zines that they borrow, so it's not unusual for these altered zine copies to be passed on from fan to fan. This library also offers in-print zines, and we have obtained copies of mixed in-print zines, like TLC, with the slash removed. It is likely that the fan who sold it may have gotten this altered copy passed on from another or even a third hand, and may never have compared the list of stories in the index with the actual contents and may not have realized it was censored. I know Bonaventure has lots of very short stories in it. Also, it is most likely the way she got the zine from whomever sold it to her. These censored zines are floating around fandom and will surface from time to time, so be aware of them. The people who do this (remove the slash from mixed zines) feel very strongly against promoting slash material. I've been told they will even remove the slash content from an individual story. I have not seen these individual stories altered, but I have seen altered zines. This is the most likely scenario regarding this particular zine. My experience is that most slash fans would not *remove* stories from a zine, but rather copy it, since most slashers promote slash fandom and selling a zine without the slash certainly won't promote it. [1]

Some Holdings

The zines listed in the library's holdings on its grand opening were:

A Similar Library

A similar library, this one for both gen and slash zines, was started in 1995. See The Starsky & Hutch Lending Library.


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