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Title: Ryuuseigun (流星群)
Circle: 珈琲物語
Fandom: Harry Potter
Date/s: 29 December 2001
Type: manga
Language: Japanese
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Ryuuseigun (流星群, "Meteor Shower") is a Harry Potter doujinshi focusing on the Marauders. It consists of four main stories and several 4-koma.


  1. The first story in the doujinshi features James and Sirius as First Years sneaking off before their Sorting Ceremony. They run into Peeves and are eventually caught by Dumbledore and McGonagall. It is 10 pages long.
  2. The second story features a conversation between a hopeful Lily and a morose Remus about their plans after leaving Hogwarts. It contains some brief James/Lily. It is 6 pages long.
  3. The third story is Peter-centric and focuses on the events that lead him to become a Death Eater. It is 11 pages long.
  4. The last story is the only one set during the books, sometime after Prisoner of Azkaban. It features a brief conversation between Sirius and Remus. It is 4 pages long.

There are also four 4-koma (four-paneled comic strips) interspersed throughout the book. One features Sirius during Prisoner of Azkaban practicing in a mirror what he plans to say to Harry.[1]


"I love reading the Harry Potter books, but when I get right down to it, the characters I like the best are the friends of Harry's parents, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. This doujinshi is solely about James, Lily, Sirius, Remus and Peter Pettigrew and has several nice stories. The art is nothing to rave about (well, it's better than I could do, ;), but it does what it needs to do and emotions are expressed well."[1]



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