Response to: Joxer?!?!? And Other Things I Don't Get

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Title: Response to: Joxer?!?!? And Other Things I Don't Get
Creator: Sascha
Date(s): November 28, 1999
Medium: online
Topic: fiction writing, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
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Response to: Joxer?!?!? And Other Things I Don't Get is an essay by Sascha. It discusses Joxer/Ares.

It is part of the Fanfic Symposium series, and a response to Joxer?!?! And Other Things I Don't Get.

The Response Essays


Joxer/Ares slash: First of all, I'd say that when reading fanfics, perhaps especially when reading slash, you gotta lower your expectation of accurate characterization. I'm not saying that characterizations are bad, I'm just saying that most often they vary a bit from the mainsteam characterizations. Though not always. If you don't believe me, read the three Moments of Transition stories by sidewinder or anything at all on Less Than Legendary Journeys.

Okay, back to the case at hand: Joxer and Ares. As in together. Holding hands. Being all lovey-dovey.

...Nope, not seeing it. The day Ares is acting like that, I'll know it's either a scam or a spell. But can I see Joxer and Ares in a relationship? Yes. Even without a spellfrom Aphrodite.


Now, that's a tough question. The truth is, I don't really know. All I know is I read 'Mistletoe' by Athea, and then suddenly I was involved in a whole new fandom! _Reading_ stories from a new fandom anyway. And they were good. They were really,really good.

So I stayed.
Mulder/Krycek Romance: Don't get me wrong, I like reading Mulder/Krycek stories, I just don't really see how it could be possible at all. Okay so maybe Krycek isn't all bad and maybe Mulder isn't completely sane, but still.. Like Lucy said, there's just something fundamentely wrong with it.
Same Actor Crossover Pairings: I don't like X-overs. I really don't. Sillyfics I can read and enjoy, but dead serious ones? You won't see me for the dust. So, do I enjoy Same Actor X-over Pairings? No. Do I think they can be well written anyway? Yes and no. I have read well written SAXOP's (purely by accident, I assure you), but they are very, very few.
Actor slash and fanfics in general: For me a good fanfiction story is when I can forget that the characters are played by actors on TV or in movies. (Could be why I enjoy reading fanfics from shows I've never seen.) And actually going to the step of bringing the actor into the story is such a big no-no that it should never be done. But it is. And sometimes you can see it in stories where the characters have the right names. Like, say, Blair and Jim. I don't know quite how to say this... but.. Have you ever read an 'Angel Blair' story?