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Star Trek Convention
Name: PortlandTrek
Dates: 1994 to 2004
Frequency: periodic
Location: Portland, Oregon
Type: single day, multi-day
Focus: Star Trek, Space: 1999
Organization: StarParty Productions
Founder: Anthony Wynn
Founding Date: 1994
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PortlandTrek was a series of intermittent Star Trek, Space: 1999, and genre-related conventions and events held in Portland, Oregon from 1994 to 2004. The shows were produced by Anthony Wynn under his StarParty Productions banner.

Many of the events were fundraisers directly benefited Parkinson disease treatment and research at the Oregon Health Science University's Parkinson Center of Oregon and other charitable causes.

Support staff variously included Sandra Sprecker, Paul Bennett, Camilla Sundholm, Dan Sundholm, Scott Mills, Robert E. Wood, Carol Jennings, Marlene Daab, Pamela Pettit, and Charlene Scott. Local fan club members also provided assistance.


The first PortlandTrek was a one-day convention focused on Star Trek, and held on October 9, 1994.

It was chaired by Anthony Wynn and was held at the historic Bagdad Theatre in Portland, Oregon. Convention staffers included Sandra Sprecker and Paul Bennett.

The special guest star was Majel Barrett Roddenberry. The author guest was David Alexander, promoting his new book Star Trek Creator, the authorized biography of Gene Roddenberry. Events included a costume contest hosted by Alexander, video presentations, official Star Trek merchandise from Roddenberry's Lincoln Enterprises mail order company, memorabilia auction, trivia, and Star Trek films screened in original 35mm on the large theatre screen.

Roddenberry spoke on-stage and answered questions from the audience. Alexander read an excerpt from his book and talked about his writing process.

The event attracted over 500 attendees, near-capacity for the Bagdad Theatre.


The second PortlandTrek was held on February 11, 1995 at the Mission Theatre. Special guests were Grace Lee Whitney and Eric A. Stillwell. An unexpected storm with freezing rain covered the metro area with ice and snow making travel a difficult proposition for attendees, guests, and staff alike. However, the event went forward as scheduled, but garnered only a fraction of the expected attendance. Both Whitney and Stillwell appeared at the con. Whitney was extremely gracious about the situation and declined her customary appearance fee. A sister-con, AshlandTrek, was held in Ashland, Oregon in May; it was the first Star Trek convention held in Southern Oregon. Guests were Grace Lee Whitney and Robin Curtis.


Originally scheduled to to be held on January 27, 1996, the third iteration of PortlandTrek was set to feature a reunion of actors Mark Lenard and Jane Wyatt from Star Trek (Spock's parents, Sarek and Amanda), along with a return appearance of Eric A. Stillwell. About six weeks before the con, in quick succession, Wyatt suffered a debilitating stroke and Lenard was booked for a production of the stage play The Boys of Autumn with Walter Koenig that conflicted with the con date. Both Lenard and Wyatt were forced to cancel their appearances. The con was postponed to September and in recognition of the 30th anniversary of the Star Trek franchise, The Star Trek 30th Anniversary Celebration was held at the Melody Ballroom in Portland on September 7, 1996, featuring special guest stars Robin Curtis, Gary Lockwood, and Paul Carr.


PortlandTrek hosted and organized SpaceCon XII, which was held on September 13-14, 1997 at the Days Inn/City Center in downtown Portland. Guests were Barry Morse and Grace Lee Whitney who appeared together for the special event The Outer Limits Tribute Show. This was the first reunion of the actors who appeared together in The Outer Limits episode Controlled Experiment. By special arrangement, the episode was screened at the con. Morse also performed his one-man stage show Merely Players at the World Trade Center Theatre on the Saturday evening of the con; admission was included in the price of the con ticket.


PortlandTrek hosted and sponsored a sister-con, SalemTrek, held in Salem, Oregon with Lee Delano, Mark Allen Shepherd, and Grace Lee Whitney on August 29, 1998.


PortlandTrek hosted and sponsored a film screening of It's a Wonderful Life held in December at the Hollywood Theatre with actress Karolyn Grimes in attendance.


PortlandTrek hosted and sponsored a film screening of Meet Me in St. Louis held in December at the Hollywood Theatre with actress June Lockhart in attendance.


PortlandTrek sponsored the charitable event Out on Broadway on October 11, 2001. It took place just one month after the events of 9/11. The show featured actor Barry Morse, author Grethe Cammermeyer, singer Julianne Johnson with the Dick Saunders Band. In December, a return engagement of the film It's a Wonderful Life was held at the Hollywood Theatre in December with actress Karolyn Grimes again in attendance.


PortlandTrek hosted and sponsored a film screening of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country held in July at the Hollywood Theatre with actor George Takei in attendance.


PortlandTrek hosted and organized SpaceCon XV on July 19-20, 2003, featuring a return appearance by actor Barry Morse. Actress Zienia Merton was also scheduled to attend, but unable to travel to the U.S. due to work commitments in the UK. The con attracted Space: 1999 fans from around the country and also featured an excursion by bus, with Morse, to Mt. St. Helens in Washington state. The con was chaired by Anthony Wynn, with Charlene Scott and Robert E. Wood.


The final PortlandTrek (advertised as a "Star Party") was held at the Hollywood Theatre on November 14, 2004. It included a wide-ranging lineup of guests including Susan Sackett, Corinne Orr, Cal Bolder, Terry Hiller, Kurt Wetherill, and Cody Wetherill. Author guests were Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin. The con committee included Wynn, Marlene Daab, and Carol Jennings. The event featured on-stage talks by Sackett and Orr, video screenings, memorabilia, autographs, and a charity auction. Unfortunately, attendance at the con was poor, possibly due to the effects of the recent recurring mega CreationCons in the city as well as the growing popularity and influence of the internet over the past few years. The era of smaller, locally-organized cons seemed to be at an end. The con committee made the decision to retire the PortlandTrek con.

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