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Name: Amber
Alias(es): peskywhistpaw, MyPhoenixLament, LostMaeblleshire
Type: fan writer, essayist, webmaster, moderator
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Twilight, Merlin, Narnia, others
Communities: Sweet Tarts, Aberrant & Acrimonious, pansyluna
URL: peskywhistpaw at LiveJournal
peskywhistpaw at AO3
MyPhoenixLament at FFN
LostMaeblleshire at HPFF
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peskywhistpaw is a fanfiction author in Harry Potter, Twilight, and other fandoms. She started writing fanfic in 2004.[1]

She said of her Harry Potter writing preferences in 2011: "Lots of het and femmeslash, with some slash; mostly non-canon and/or rarepairs. Some gen. I often consider my OTP to be Draco/Hermione, but I pair both characters with others frequently."[2]

peskywhistpaw took over as the maintainer of the Ginny/Pansy fansite Sweet Tarts in November 2006.[3] She ran the Pansy/Luna site Aberrant & Acrimonious in 2007 and 2008, and created the pansyluna community on LiveJournal in 2009.[4]

peskywhistpaw has given blanket permission to podfic her fics.[2]

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