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Pairing: Pansy Parkinson/Luna Lovegood
Alternative name(s): Luna/Pansy, LL/PP
Gender category: femslash
Fandom: Harry Potter
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: rare
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Pansy/Luna is a femslash ship in Harry Potter fandom involving Pansy Parkinson and Ginny Weasley. Though rare overall, the pairing is fairly common in femslash circles.


Submission to harrypottershippingconfessions. Photo of Scarlett Byrne and Evanna Lynch with the text "My OTP for femmeslash is PansyLuna. I know it's different and odd, but I think it's fascinating."

Pansy and Luna never interact in the Harry Potter books, and there isn't even any canon evidence that the two know each other. This is a benefit rather than a detriment for many fans, as it allows for more freedom in establishing the pair's relationship. One popular fanon theory is that Pansy had previously teased or bullied Luna for being "loony".

In a 2006 essay, animimares writes:

"Pansy/Luna is a great pairing because there is no canon for or against it. According to the books the girls can very well never have really met. This is a plus because it gives broad boarders to the pairing’s settings and characterization. [...] I could, personally, imagine that Pansy knew Luna by reputation (who on Hogwarts doesn’t?) and Luna might have met some mocking from Pansy and her gang of Slytherin girls. At least it seems possible.
I like the way Luna can add depth to Pansy’s character and Pansy can make Luna hurt. Maybe in the way they are so different, but not exactly opposites like, take, Hermione/Luna. Pansy has (to me) [traits] that she can share with Luna (I, for once, believe Pansy likes dreaming) and Luna on the other hand can be forced to face some reality through Pansy."[1]

Many Pansy/Luna fans began shipping the two because they felt that their personalities complemented each other's well. Pansy is usually characterized in Pansy/Luna stories as prim and cynical, whereas Luna is portrayed as unrestrained and lighthearted.

In a response to animimares's post, jazzyjello writes: "What I love about it is they're so different that the relationship can be a struggle, angsty, or one-sided, but also it can be fluffy and sweet because of Luna, you know? Pansy and Luna gradually have become my two favorite characters (they are both SO interesting). So shipping them together is fun - and challenging, which I like. Plus, it's rare enough so that I feel like I can explore the ship without copying anyone."[2]


Example Works

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