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Name: Aberrant & Acrimonious
Owner/Maintainer: Amber (peskywhistpaw)
Dates: c. 2007–2008
Type: Pansy/Luna fic lisiting
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: pansyxluna.scarlet-serpent.net (2007)
pansyxluna.dark-methods.net (2008)
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Aberrant & Acrimonious was a Pansy/Luna fanfiction list active in 2007 and 2008.

It was run by peskywhistpaw and hosted by Ava at her sites scarlet-serpent.net and dark-methods.net.

The site went offline sometime after August 2008 due to hosting issues. In November 2009, peskywhistpaw created an Aberrant & Acrimonious LiveJournal community at pansyluna, where she started a new Pansy/Luna masterlist.[1][2]

Site Content

  • Welcome
  • Ratings Guide
  • Fanfiction Categories
    • Drabbles (499 words or less)
    • Mediums (between 500 and 9,999 words)
    • Lengthy (over 10,000 words)
    • WIP
  • Extra
    • Affiliates
    • Link Back

Site Layout


  1. ^ peskywhistpaw at pansyluna, Welcome!, posted 06 November 2009:
    "I used to run a Pansy/Luna website a few years ago called 'Aberrant and Acrimonious,' but it was unfortunately closed due to hosting issues. Since then, the pairing has become increasingly popular, so I thought it was about time these two girls had a new place to call their own."
  2. ^ peskywhistpaw at pansyluna, Masterlist, posted 06 November 2009:
    "The old website used to have a big page of links to fanfiction and fanart which, unfortunately, I no longer have. That being said, I would very much like to reconstruct that list, and to add to it. So if you have any links, please comment on this post! Comments are screened, just to keep the post looking tidy. All ratings and story lengths are allowed, and if you find anything besides fic and art, that's welcome, as well."