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Journal Community
Name: womenlovefest
Date(s): active from 2011-09-07 to 2012-03-19
Moderator: [1] akzseinga, [2] idrilka, [3] juliet42, [4] le_mru, [5] mlekopijca, [6] mullu, [7] upupa_epops, [8] wlfmod
Founder: akzseinga
Type: fic/art fest community
Fandom: multifandom
URL: http://womenlovefest.livejournal.com/profile

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Womenlovefest is a community which hosted a very popular We Love Women That Fandom Hates festival.

It started with akzseinga saying: I'm tired with people saying nasty things about Ginny Weasley just because she's a girl! Let's have a female characters appreciation meme!. And then people started telling their friends. And those friends started telling their friends[1]


The Womenlovefest started without it's own community and at first it was held in akzseinga's personal journal. It originated in the Polish fandom, with the English version of the sign-up entry being posted later on. Akzseinga encouraged to sign up using any platform and so posts during the fest were made on only on Livejournal, but also on Tumblr[2][3] and on other blogging platforms[4] where fans gathered.

Initially begun to celebrate the women that fandom hates, it's more generally turned into a women love-fest, simply because every female character in the history of fandom has been run down by someone who thinks she shouldn't have kissed/smiled/spoken to/stood beside a male character, or dressed like a slut/whore/woman who's comfortable in her own skin, or done something good/something clever/something morally questionable/anything at all.
-- Tielan, September 11, 2011[5]

Community Impact

The fest has been a response to Misogyny in Fandom perpetuated by fans of all genres (it needs pointing out that female fans - though not all) also contribute to that phenomena.

It's been linked to from The Hathor Legacy

The response to the fest was overwhelming and very popular. In the week the fest was supposed to run 343 female characters were celebrated[6], many of them with numerous entries by more than one person.

Following Years

The Womenlovefest was at first a one-off but after the success, the founder and the mods wanted to make it an anual event. Unfortunately due to Real-Life problems, the edition planned for March 2012 didn't take place.


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