"Let's Get Gay Married!" Commentfic Meme

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Name: Let's Get Gay Married!
Date(s): 25 June 2011
Founder: bree_black
Type: comment meme
Fandom: multifandom
URL: "Let's get gay married!" commentfic meme. at LiveJournal
Let's Get Gay Married Commentfic Meme tag at AO3
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The "Let's Get Gay Married!" Commentfic Meme was a slash and femslash comment meme celebrating the legalization of same-sex marriage in New York in June 2011.

It was hosted by bree_black and received at least 177 fills in over 60 fandoms.


In celebration of New York's legalization of same-sex marriage, let's write fic about weddings!

All same-sex pairings welcome, any rating, any fandom. Write about proposals, engagements, wedding planning, or saying "I do," in a place where same-sex marriage is legal now, or somewhere the fight's still on. Have characters elope, tie the knot at City Hall, make their vows on a spaceship, or whatever else strikes your fancy, officially recognized or otherwise. Basically, anything remotely marriage-related goes.


PS: Title of meme is from a tongue-in-cheek expression that was going around a few years back, and was not intended to be limiting. All same-sex pairings welcome, and that INCLUDES FEMSLASH.

Example Fic Fills

Things That Start With B by anonymousFandom: Sesame Street
Prompt by thistlerose: Bickering all the way down the aisle.[1] Bert/Ernie.
How Gay Marriage Stopped the Apocalypse by tawgFandom: Supernatural
Prompt by licklesoxy: The real reason for the Apocalypse? Michael and Lucifer both want to marry Gabriel, and it's their way of competing for his attention. Sam and Dean find this out somehow, and confront an oblivious-Gabriel about it.[2] Sam/Gabriel.
Five Times Jack Accidentally Proposes Marriage to the Doctor and the One Time He Really Did by mahmficFandom: Doctor Who
Prompt by licklesoxy: Five times Jack accidentally proposes to the Doctor in some weird alien culture way that he doesn't know about, and one time he proposes in the human way, on purpose, with the intent of getting a 'yes'.[3] Eleven/Jack.
It Takes Two to Kipple by graycardinalFandom: NCIS
Prompt by svgurl: "Let's get married tonight."[4] Abby/Ziva.
Human Customs by xthursdaynextxFandom: Doctor Who
Prompt by w_thit: Jenny explains the human concept of matrimony to Vastra. After some time to reflect, she decides that it's an excellent idea, and goes about trying to find someone to perform the honors.[5] Jenny/Vastra.
Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Feed Me? by anonymousFandom: Pinky and the Brain
Prompt by theslashbunny (comment now deleted).[6] Pinky/Brain.
Five Times Gojyo's Proposal Was Turned Down and One Time It Wasn’t by sekaiseifukuFandom: Saiyuki
Prompt by indelicateink: Five times Gojyo's proposal was turned down, and the time Hakkai accepted [7] Hakkai/Gojyo.

Example Art Fills


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