Sweet Tarts

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Name: Sweet Tarts
Owner/Maintainer: Thea, Ava, Amber (peskywhistpaw)
Dates: 12 September 2004 - late 2008?
Type: Ginny/Pansy fansite
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: theyfalldown.com/girls/ (2004-2006)
pansyxginny.gillyweed.org (2006)
pansyxginny.scarlet-serpent.net (2006-2007)
pansyxginny.dark-methods.net (2007-?)
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Sweet Tarts was a Ginny/Pansy fansite and fanwork directory. The site's name comes from the fact that "the [Ginny/Pansy] relationship can be sweet but also very sour."[1]


The site was started by Thea of theyfalldown.com sometime on September 12, 2004.[1] On March 8, 2006, it transferred ownership to Ava and moved to her site at pansyxginny.gillyweed.org.[2] In November 2006, it moved to Ava's new site, scarlet-serpent.net, and Amber began running Sweet Tarts.[3] It moved once again in early 2007 to pansyxginny.dark-methods.net.

The Wayback Machine last archived the site on July 24, 2008, at which time the site had last been updated on July 23, 2007.[4] It is unclear precisely when the site went offline.

The site had three different layouts: the first was made by Thea, the second by Ava, and the third by Nyia of Magical Coupling.[1]


Sweet Tarts was primarily a directory for Ginny/Pansy fanworks, specifically fanfiction, fanart, and icons. Stories and art were not hosted on-site (with the exception of Thea's stories) but rather were linked to at a variety of other sites, such as archives or LiveJournal. As a result, many of the links are still active.[5] The site did host its collection of 13 icons, which are no longer available.[6]

The site also featured pages for information on both Ginny and Pansy, which included both canon facts and speculation. Additionally, the site contained an extensive links page which included links to pages related to Ginny, Pansy, and the ship, as well as pages for related pairings, other Harry Potter fanfiction, general Harry Potter information, and writing help.[7]


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