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Title: October
Publisher: Ad Nauseum Press
Author(s): Teri White
Cover Artist(s):
Illustrator(s): Cheryl Frashure
Series?: yes, all of the H/J zines are
Medium: print
Fandom: Harry and Johnny, Magnum Force, Dirty Harry
Language: English
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October is a slash, Harry and Johnny 39-page novel by Teri White that takes place in 1975. It has a sister zine of Responsefic called Response to October. It is part of Davis Diary and Callahan Calendar, a series of stories that document a year in the life of Harry and Johnny. It is subtitled: Passages and contains black and white photos of the actors along with several ink illustrations by Cheryl Frashure.

In 1996, a Virgule-L mailing list member explained how fans reacted to the zine and why sequels were written by others: Fans wrote sequels "...after Teri's October where she "killed off" Harry Callahan just to see what happened to Johnny. Because Teri was deeply involved with professional writing at the time, she did not get October written until long after I wrote November, December and was well into Behind the Enforcer. Not knowing exactly what she would write, although she had explained the whole plot to me, I carefully left a gap of about three weeks between Oct and Nov, and still had to do a little judicious rewriting while I explained in my way Johnny's reactions post-October. People wanted to know or explain their own way what happened during those three weeks, thus Response to October was published much later with all those sequels, which fit into the established universe just fine, even though they didn't agree with each other, because nobody knew what anyone else was writing. It was a unique departure from the usual H/J single timeline universe, but very satisfying to H/J readers."