Davis Diary and Callahan Calendar

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Title: Davis Diary and Callahan Calendar
Author(s): Ruth Kurz and Teri White
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1981-1982?
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Harry and Johnny
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Davis Diary and Callahan Calendar is a series of slash Harry & Johnny novels. Most are written by Ruth Kurz, and some by Kurz and Teri White.

Each novel documents one month in the life of Harry and Johnny in 1975. The links below refer to the stories that Ruth and Terri co-wrote. The series also inspired responsefic, also listed below.

The series as written by Ruth and Terri contains 12 parts.

  • January -- skiing and fun in the snow
  • February -- a Saturday that belongs in the Guinness Book
  • March -- Johnny plays Sam Spade in Las Vegas
  • April -- Harry and Johnny go to Hollywood
  • May -- a birthday that turns grim, grim, grim
  • June --Camping in the Sequoias to get over May
  • July -- tennis and Richard's cowboy
  • August -- Harry and Johnny fly to the National Pistol Matches
  • September -- Johnny's gallery showing, or "Callahan'll handle it."
  • October, a Grim Fairy Tale. The novel October inspired responsefic written by fans of the series. It is, not surprisingly, titled Response to October.
  • November -- Harry and Johnny go cruising (to Hawaii)
  • December --thank goodness, it's Christmas again