Response to October

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Title: Response to October
Publisher: Ad Nauseum Press
Editor(s): Ruth Kurz
Date(s): 1983
Medium: print
Fandom: Harry and Johnny
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cover by Cheryl Frashure

Response to October is a 96-page slash Harry and Johnny fanzine. It is Responsefic for October, and takes place in 1975. It is part of Davis Diary and Callahan Calendar, a series of stories that document a year in the life of Harry and Johnny. Cover art by Cheryl Frashure with black and white photos of the actors along with several ink illustrations by Ruth Kurz. The zine was also accompanied by Freebie, "A bit of fun that goes with Response to October."

From the title page: "A collection of stories and poems written in reaction to the chilling story "Passages" by Teri White, which was the October segment of the Davis Diary and Callahan Calendar. While these stories in no way negate the established universe as represented by November and the following books, they were written by different people, thus the interpretations are not necessarily in agreement with each other."

  • SIC TRANSIT - by Terri Beckett (1)
  • FARMER'S JOURNAL - by Leslie Fish (3)
  • NIGHTMARE (Reprise) - by Barbara Staton (22)
  • GAMES (Reprise) - by Jackie Wagner (22)
  • DOUBLE NIGHTMARE - by Claudia Davis-Thomas (23)
  • DON'T LET HARRY BURN - by Lynn Morris (25)
  • MY HOPE OF HEAVEN - by Jean Chabot (36)
  • HAUNTED - by Jean Chabot (37)
  • A LONG WAY HOME - by Jean Chabot (39)
  • WAITING - by Claudia Davis-Thomas (90)
  • HALF-PAST NOVEMBER - by Lucy Cribb (91)