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Title: No Homo
Author(s): RemainNameless
Date(s): posted 2014-01-22 to 2014-03-26
Length: 84,064 words
Genre: M/M Slash
Fandom: Teen Wolf
External Links: Fic on AO3, Podfic on AO3
Cover art by lupusululaturusest (2014)

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No Homo is a popular Derek/Stiles College AU fanfic by RemainNameless, and is often recced as a fandom favorite[1] or a must read for fans of the Sterek pairing.[2] It was posted in 11 chapters to Archive of Our Own over the course of two months in 2014. The story is based on a real m4m Craigslist ad and features Stiles Stilinski in deep denial about his bisexuality.

Scott goes on a semester abroad, leaving Stiles, his college roommate and best friend, up to his own devices. Stiles promptly posts an ad on Craigslist for a "str8t" jerkoff buddy but with "no weird touching. just 2 dudes jerking it"; Derek, who has had a crush on him since high school, answers the ad. Stiles and Derek have a lot of sex before Stiles is willing to admit his feelings.

In January 2015, the story ranked 22nd in hits, 16th in comments, 18th in kudos, and 21st in bookmarks out of 54,263 Teen Wolf fanworks on AO3.[3] On Goodreads, the story was voted the most popular out of a list of 258 Sterek fanfics, with 111 votes cast; the story garnered 127 reviews and 399 ratings for an average of 4.14 stars out of five.[4]

On 9 August 2018, the author announced that they were planning to delete their AO3 account[5] due to no longer being involved in fandom and wanting to be published professionally.[6] The fic was orphaned.

Fan Reactions/Reviews

One of many excited comments on AO3:

omg this was so perfect i can't even express my love. thank you thank you thank you for sharing with us[7]

On Tumblr:

I loved this fic a lot. More than I expected to. The author has a great way of mixing humour with heart ache and GOD DOES IT ACHE, but it’s so worth it. Both Derek and Stiles are very well portrayed, in my opinion. The sex is really hot, and Stiles’ denial is both painful and realistic.[8]
This is so good, I want to cry. It’s also filthy. I thought it’d be terribly out of character to have Stiles as someone who’s in genuine denial about his sexuality, but RemainNameless is such an exceptional author, s/he makes it work flawlessly.[9]
When I tell you that this was the most trifling fanfic that I have ever read in my life; even the angstiest of Gundam Wing fics have never been so outrageous. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, the denial going on in this fic is beyond compare. I have never been so riveted in my life.[10]
As a gay man, I found large swaths of this fic incredibly difficult to read. It’s hard for me to imagine someone having this much denial especially in this day and age in California, although I suppose anything is possible. Still, an incredibly hot fic, and surprisingly sweet.[11]

On Reddit:

NO HOMO IS A MASTERPIECE. I only watched Teen Wolf because I've read No Homo (which I discovered on goodreads) and loved it. Some months later I decided to reread and discovered that it is a fanfic and I was SHOOKT.[12]
ridiculous from start to finish and I love every bit of it[12]

On Goodreads:

I shamelessly sit here drooling over her writing and characterisation of the perfect Sterek dynamic, bowing down in worship to her magnificent fingers and talented brain. Yes, there are bits that are a little clunky, unrealistic and downright INSANE but the rest of this is so damn good that you overlook them without even batting an eyelid. Despite never even having watched an episode of TW (I know, I know) - RemainNameless has pretty much singlehandedly drawn me into Sterek shipping.[13]

Oh my jesus, thank you to anyone and everyone who recommended this fanfic to yours truly. I can't remember who you are, but you're fuckin' fabulous.

This is exactly what I wanted to read -- something hot and sweet. And Stiles was so freakin' clueless it was adorable.[14]

How fricken fun was this story?!

I don't know if having never seen an episode of Teen Wolf made this story all the more fun or if I missed out on something because I hadn't seen the show. Since I gave this 5 (yes homo) Stars...I can't imagine how else I coulda seen this story. Now I'm on the hunt for more Derek & Stiles fanfic!![15]

Fail_fandomanon's resident Teen Wolf reviewers predictably criticized the fic for being ATG or OOC, though opinion was divided on whether it was just awful or a fun guilty pleasure idfic.

[One fan complained]

I wish people in TW fandom who gush over No Homo would just admit they only do so because it caters to their id. There's no other reason to go wild for it. It is astoundingly ATG. Derek and Stiles in that fic bear little-to-no resemblance to their canon counterparts. Stiles in particular is so aggressively closeted in that he'll no homo literally everything, including giving Derek a blowjob/rimjob.... No one is this fucking stupid! Stiles would not be this oblivious regarding his sexuality! Nothing about this fic makes any sense at all![16]

[Another anon immediately responded]
I love that about this fic. It's so dumb and so good for me.[17]
[And a third responded to the second]
I'm so glad not to be alone. The fic is 10000% ridiculous and I LOVE IT.[18]
Fucking No Homo. It was a clearly an excuse for RemainNameless to write all her sexual and narrative kinks out into a single fic which would be fine if a little self-indulgent, if it didn't involve warping the characters beyond recognition to fit them.[19]

Fanworks Inspired By No Homo

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