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Title: "New Slash Lists"
Creator: Anonymous
Date(s): Late 1996
Medium: online
Fandom: Multiple Fandoms
Topic: mailing lists
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By 1996, the proliferation of fandom specific (and in some cases pairing specific) mailing lists prompted some fans to worry about the further fractioning of slash fandom.

One fan wrote a satirical essay, New Slash Lists, about these worries and asked for it to be circulated to public mailing lists. The writer asked to be left anonymous as the topic remained sensitive for many. Fans who created their fandom specific mailing lists often fiercely defended their 'right' to create separate spaces while fans who favored centralized gathering spaces perceived the self-segregation as a loss of community. Neither side was known for having a well developed sense of humour and both ignored the historical trend of like calling to like.

The version below is the one sent to Morgan Dawn on September 2, 1996 and it is reposted here with her permission.


"Bored with threads on shows you couldn't be bribed to watch?

Tired of listening to "other" slashfen trying to convert you to the joys of Flipper slash?

Weary of having to listen to fen talk about something other than the One True Slash?

Irritated at being exposed to Fen Who Just Don't Get It?

Well now there's a list for each and every one your slash desires, just waiting for you.

Pros fans can choose between:

  • "Bodie Is The Butt of Life" or "Doyle's Scrawny Body Fills Me With Delight" lists (note: the themes of these lists will be strictly enforced. Off-topic discussion will result in immediate removal from the list)
  • The "Other Men In Pros" (yes, finally a place for the under appreciated Tommys and Murphys of the world)
  • And last (but not least) "I'm A Recovering Pros Fan But Have Moved On To Bigger Butts Of Life, Thank You."


Unfortunately, there are only 2 lists:

But wait. There's much much more: Space Above and Beyond Fans can enjoy a

  • "Cooper Hawkes Only" list or a
  • "Cooper Hawkes And That Guy Who Recites Bad Poetry" list.

Uncle fans have only one list: "Illia is God and Who Needs Napolean Anyway?"

The K/S list has been canceled due to lack of interest.

Starsky and Hutch boasts 2 sep. lists:

  • "Starsky and Hutch: The Ultimate Choice Between Chocolate and Vanilla" and
  • "Starsky and His Car: Can It Work?"

X-Files fen can finally get the recognition they crave with:

And if you don't see the list of your dreams, do not despair -- a new list du jour bursts - well every day -- onto the internet -- one will eventually deliver those segregated delights that each fan secretly craves.

Remember: you don't *have* to mingle with those "others" who don't appreciate you, notice you, or even think the way you do....

Coming soon to a town near you: "Slash Cons 2000: Create Your Own Specialized Slash Con And Never Have To Worry About Hanging Out With A [insert fandom here] Fan Again.."