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See The Matchmaker for the Kirk/Spock story by Janet Alyx.
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Synonyms: Cupid, Matchmaking
Related: Secret Crush, Shipper on Deck, Match Maker Quest, Blind Dates
See Also: "The Matchmaker" on TV Tropes
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Matchmaker/Matchmaking is a common fanfic trope, but it is also common to used trope in canon works as well.

CharacterC ("The Matchmaker" which is sometimes considered a secondary character in the story) try and set up the CharacterA with the CharacterB which CharacterA usually has a [maybe not so] secret crush on.

The stories generally feature a lot of humor, angst, drama and/or crack. It could also feature some Hurt/Comfort as well.

Fanwork Examples

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In Harry Potter fanworks, Molly Weasley and Ginny Weasley are the most popular characters to use as the "matchmaker". Hermione Granger, Bill Weasley (prior to canon knowledge of Bill/Fleur), Charlie Weasley are often the people that Molly and/or Ginny are trying to get paired up (although not always together - so it's not always Hermione/Charlie or Hermione/Bill). Other characters are also used in matchmaking stories.

In Life With Derek fanworks, especially Casey McDonald/Derek Venturi fanworks, Casey and Derek's siblings Marti Venturi, Lizzie McDonald and Edwin Venturi are often trying to set Casey & Derek up together. Other times it's their parents or friends that get in on the action.

In Sherlock (BBC) fanworks, matchmaking works are often focused on the pairing Sherlock/John[1] than any others, however Mycroft Holmes has a few works dedicated to it, namely for the pairing Mycroft/Lestrade[2]. Molly Hooper is also rarely used, with the top pairing for her is Sherlock/Molly[3].


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