The Matchmaker

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: The Matchmaker
Author(s): anet Alyx (Joanna Russ)
Date(s): 1985
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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The Matchmaker is a Kirk/Spock story by Janet Alyx. "Janet Alyx" is a pseud for Joanna Russ.

It was published in the print zine T'hy'la #5.


"An alien ambassador turns out to be a genetically altered human who has been influencing crewmembers."

Some Vulcan Genitalia

In "The Matchmaker," Spock's penis is hidden behind a furry mound that becomes swollen and unfolds like petals of a flower and sprouts a bright green penis that unfolds like a stamen.

Art from the Print Zine

Reactions and Reviews

... I *believe* Joanna Russ wrote the story called The Matchmaker in T'hy'la 5, a zine that came out in '85, so I have no idea whether it's still available. The reason I believe she wrote it is because the story develops the minor characters much more smoothly that most amateur writers are capable of doing, and the plot flows along almost effortlessly. I believe I recognize Russ's compassionate-yet-amused take on the characters from a work of hers I read much earlier in life called "The Female Man". I may very well be wrong, so apologies to Janet Alex if she really exists, and to Joanna Russ if I've confused her with someone else. [1]
Somewhat confused plot, but some nice touches. Ver, an elderly, half-blind, talkative woman prone to weepiness comes aboard as an ambassador. She turns out to be a practically omnipotent telepath, one of a group of siblings created by scientists (by doubling of some kind), who then become afraid of them and first keep them safely sedated then biologically shorten their life spans. They are, however, highly ethical and won't retaliate. Meantime, Spock is having disturbing dreams he can't remember and seeks help from McCoy, who is terrified of the Vulcan blowing up on him and suggests a trip to Vulcan; he refuses. Then he starts to remember the dreams - they are of Kirk. More meantime, people are starting to hear things in their heads and have helpful little revelations about their life problems. Kirk, keeping McCoy in the corridor with a sedative, goes to force Spock to confront whatever's bothering him, and is so flabbergasted at the revelation that it is him that he runs away. Convinced that he disgusts Kirk, Spock resolves to transfer. McCoy kicks a bit of captainly ass, advising Kirk to explore the possibility that he does love Spock, and prescribes that he kiss him. Before Kirk does so, though, Ver blows her cover by saving the ship from a meltdown. She proceeds to practice a bit of psychotherapy on all and sundry. Spock adopts her as a sister, initiating procedures that may save her life. After they deliver Ver to her destination, Kirk goes to Spock and obeys McCoy's prescription, finds that he does, indeed, respond enthusiastically, and the story ends tracing reactions through the ship's gossip mill. The love scenes are flawed by a very mushy Kirk doing a lot of, "oh, please, Spock." [2]


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