Marvel has created the worst/most unlikeable HERo ever

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Title: Marvel has created the worst/most unlikeable HERo ever
Creator: JoeySalads
Date(s): May 24, 2019
Medium: Twitter
Fandom: Captain Marvel, MCU
Topic: Carol Danvers
External Links: original tweet
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Marvel has created the worst/most unlikeable HERo ever is a tweet by Youtuber JoeySalads. Joeysalads tweeted a video of a deleted scene from the Captain Marvel film, "Exclusive: Brie Larson smiles for no man in 'Captain Marvel' scene," in which Carol Danvers responds to a man harassing her by overpowering him and then stealing his motorcycle.

Joeysalads also tweeted "Sorry I dont find the “hero” of the film likable when she nearly rips off a person’s hand and steals his stuff because hes a jerkoff.", and made a video about the clip, Captain Marvel is UNLIKEABLE, Extended Motorcycle Scene *Breakdown*. JoeySalads was also running for Congress at the time.

The tweet was met with considerable response and discussion of misogyny and double standards. Others also pointed out that the scene was a Terminator reference. It was part of the ongoing conflict between fans who considered Carol Danvers "unlikeable" and opposed the film's feminism.


Female Power Fantasy

That’s because you sympathize with the guy harassing her[1]
[mocking edit of AndrewSolender's profile image]
[edit of Joeysalads's profile image with text "I think a woman hurthing a catcaller is a bitch because I harass women too!"][2]
literally the only reason why women don’t react to men who are harassing us or being jerks is because we’re afraid he’s gonna fucking kill us. if i had the strength to fucking break a catcaller wrist i’d do that. finally a realistic power fantasy for women.[3]

not to mention that generally when a woman is out with her boyfriend and another guy harasses or catcall her it’s normal and even heroic for the boyfriend to confront the guy and even punch him if necessary, but if a woman defends herself sHe’S A viLLaIN lmfao[4]


This is the power fantasy we all have when men threaten us in the street. She’s the hero we need and I wish they’d left this scene in the movie![5]

People call this fan service but...isn’t that what comics do? Think about literally all the fan service in Endgame??? Let’s face it, boys are just mad cus this fan service is only aimed at girls and women and they’re mad for being left out. They finally know how women felt![6]
Also she didn’t overreact. He wasn’t being jerk, he was threatening sexual violence. (I guarantee that EVERY women who watched that scene saw the threat.)[7]
It’s almost as if Captain Marvel is a female power fantasy in which a super heroine puts the personification of toxic masculinity/ all the sexist bullshit women are subjected to in his god damn place.[8]
what a wife[9]

[image: Not all men but DEFINITELY THIS FUCKING GUY][10]

Captain Marvel is a Villain / Double Standards

There was in influx of content such as analysis videos asserting that the conduct seen in the deleted scene made Captain Marvel a villain.[11]

Woah I never saw this clip but damn...

Captain Marvel is a villain. She straight hurts and robs a dude because he was a jerk to her. Thats a villain[12]

This is how the Terminator gets his clothes in literally every film but go off I guess

sick of these fake nerd boys who don’t know their tropes

it’s almost’s a direct quote or something

Woah I never saw this clip but damn...

[Terminator 2 Judgment Day Bar Fight Scene[13]] The T-800 is a villain. He straight hurts and robs a dude because he was a jerk to him. Thats a villain[14]

Tony Stark smashes a reporter’s cell phone because he doesn’t like a question. Batman blew up a guy with a bomb. Wolverine’s main power is stabbing people to death. But sure, Captain Marvel is a villain.[15]
Thinking about "the other Captain Marvel" - which I loved - and wondering about to what degree Billy had to be a troubled white boy so general audiences would go along with the idea that he's a petty grifter/hustler for the whole first half of the movie but still redeemable

Carol Danvers steals a guy's motorcycle because she thinks she's on a mission to save the world from aliens and people complain

Billy Batson scammed/straight up stole thousands of dollars as a fake superhero to buy junk food and video games, where were the moral guardians then[16]

She should be in jail.[17]
She...isn't real.[18]
I wonder how he feels about the guardians of the Galaxy, a misfit band of murderers, criminals, and thieves. Funny he didn't issue public statements on them, huh?[19]

Also waiting for his press release condemning mass murderer Hawkeye.[20]

She stole his helmet. The woman can fly through space cruisers. She stole his helmet anyway & wore it as she drove off. It’s practically a PSA on road safety. As a potential congressman you should be praising this film for promoting the well being of your fellow Americans.[21]
His statement leads me to believe he’s never picked up a comic a day in his life and that he truly believe Captain Marvel is a recent invention by marvel in order to attack men and appease women.[22]

Superman does literally the same thing in Superman 2 lol![23]


Is Superman a villain for destroying a diner to beat up a trucker who was a jerk to Clark Kent in Superman II?[24]

There are about eleventy bazillion movies where a dude beats up another dude for being mean to a woman, and nobody calls them villains. It’s only when a woman defends _herself_ that it becomes a threat to Western Civilization. 🤔[25]
*Superman destroys Metropolis while fighting, killing thousands or millions*

Internet : Meh, no choice.

*Batman kills and mark criminals to be killed in prison*

Internet : Meh, he's cool.

*Captain Marvel stole a jacket from an asshole*


Woah Indiana Jones is a villain[27]
The dude literally raids indigenous lands of relics to bring back to his country's museums.

You think he is a hero?

woah lara croft is a villian now.[28]
Didn’t ant man start his movies off with him robbing someone?[29]

Didn’t guardians of the galaxy star mostly mercenaries that damn well killed and robbed people?[30]

Let’s not forget iron man 1 when he literally murdered everyone[31]
Don’t worry, it’s ok if a man does it[32]


Plot of the movie involves her going from mean space cop to caring protector of the less fortunate. This part is essential for her character development you wilted daisy you.[33]


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