Mahou no Kakera

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Title: Mahou no Kakera
Circle: Mochiya (もち屋)
Doujinka: Sukiya Wabisuke (数寄屋佗助)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Date/s: 17 March 2001[1]
Type: manga
Size: B5, 28 pages
Language: Japanese
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Mahou no Kakera (魔法のかけら), translated as "A Shard of Magic" or "Splinters of Magic,"[2] is a Harry Potter doujinshi by Mochiya.

It has been scanlated by Robyn at Marauding Mayhem.[3]


A cute all character doujinshi focusing mainly on Draco's hatred for Harry due to the jealousy and rejection he felt. Also has a handful of gag stories.[4]
I really like Mochiya's work. The characters are beautiful and/or handsome and the stories are pretty cute. This one features the return of Hermione-the-doujinshi-artist, who's angry when the delivery service (delivered by a pelican - -amusing because the symbol of Nippon Express is a pelican) delivers her doujinshi to Hogwarts instead of Tokyo Big Site. There's a few other funny stories and one serious story. In the serious story, Draco is upset (and lonely?) and confronts Harry in the hallway..[5]
This one has a really cool, plasticy ribbed cover! MCY? Drawings are all in Magenta. Some interactions between Harry and Draco (not shounen-ai).[6]
Beautiful close-up of Harry surrounded on either side by Ron and Hermione (Hermione does remind one strongly of Tomoyo from CCS) on the front. Harry rides his broom while trying to hold onto his hat on the back. The cover is bright and colorful on corrogated glossy cardstock.

Gag stories surround the main Draco/Harry tale. Gag stories include Harry recieving a magical telephone from Sirius, a rather large box being delivered by Pelican Post, a trip into Moaning Myrtle's bathroom, Lupin with ears and bushy tale (Hermione, what did you DO?), Severus and one of Hagrid's spiders, and Harry contemplating the James Potter/Harry Potter/Tom Riddle connection (this may be another CCS reference-- Tom being James' False Form, or some such?).

The main story is a sweet little tale of Draco's feelings of isolation and loneliness, watching Harry with his friends. Draco makes overtures of friendship but is frustrated in his attempts... finally, he grabs Harry and hurries him away from Hermione and Ron. Draco stares at Harry's scar, wondering what it is that has brought Harry so many people into his life (flashes of Dumbledore, McGonagall, Hagrid, Hermione, Ron, George, and Fred). Harry seems to be offering Draco friendship and forgiveness, and Draco looks cutely flustered.

Very feel-good doujinshi. [...] Oh, one last thing. Draco, Harry, Hagrid and Fang have utterly adorable SD forms![7]



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