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Gift Exchange
Name: Magi
Date(s): 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016
Moderator(s): 2014, 2015: mon-qi
Type: Secret Santa
Fandom: Magi
URL: 2012: Tumblr
2014: Archive of the Tumblr blog
2016: Tumblr
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Magi Secret Santa is a Secret Santa style gift exchange in the Magi fandom, the first of which was organized in 2012. See also: Magi Gift Exchanges.

Magi Secret Santa 2012


Belated present is belated by faecakes for Namekko

Character/Pairing: Sinbad, Ja'far
Artist's note: "Belated present for Namekko. So sorry for the lateness D: My first idea didn’t work out, then before I knew it it was holidays and finals OTL"

Happy (late) xmas + new year by sekomu for tomatosky

Character/Pairing: Masrur/Sharrkan
Artist's note: "i haven’t gotten this far in magi yet ;; w ;; so i have no idea who sharrkan is–sorry for my ignorance !! i’m sorry i’ve been late/i was on a plane and coming home from a vacation–i didn’t want to press the time any further so–anyway gfdgd"

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year by sassygaysuwako for sengokukiyosumi

Character/Pairing: Aladdin, Alibaba Saluja
Artist's note: "Sorry I’m really late! I ended up having a cold and got all depressed about drawing, but here! It’s probably not even what you thought it’d be… heh, this is the best i can do though. Here’s a crappy extra as well"

No title by ririn-ten for Takkao

Character/Pairing: Sinbad
Artist's note: "Sorry, for the super lateness! (‘A`) Hopefully it’s to your liking and worth the long wait. ( ;´Д`)"

Happy New Year by nyankicchi for Ja'far-of-Sindria

Character/Pairing: Ja'far, Judar
Artist's note: "Happy holidays, Jafar-of-Sindria (〃⌒▽⌒)八(⌒▽⌒〃) ☆ apologies that this is late… but I hope you had the best of the festive season, and a most amazing year ahead !! ♥"

"Oy Sin, I’m trying to work." by Squidyjen for Galiko

Character/Pairing: Sinju
Artist's note: "Ahhh I apologize for how REALLY REALLY LATE THIS IS. Happy New Years Gali! Also some REALLY NSFW Sinju sketches under the cut: I was originally going to try and finish these, but my embarrassment and the fact my parents were hovering too close to me prompted me to change gears, so have these messy sketches as a bonus."

Happy New year Lux by Minguchi for schediaphilic

Character/Pairing: Ja'far
Artist's note: "(Sorry if this is getting submitted multiple times…it keeps telling me the transfer is interrupted so I’m not sure if it went throught >.<) Happy New year Lux (schediaphilic)!!! Here’s a Ja'far for you! <333"

No title by teradactyl to mamifish

Character/Pairing: Ja'far
Artist's note: "I tried to make some ~sexy jafar pics showin some leg~ and that didn’t work at all SORRy…… They’re all done in watercolors on paper except for the wires in the second one cause i forgot them while painting i hope you like it, hopefully its worth the wait!!"

No title by schediaphilic to kikkun

Character/Pairing: Sinju
Artist's note: "Sorry for the lateness! I hope you don’t mind Sinbad/child!Judal c: Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year!"

Merry Christmas Ash by tomatosky for charons-obol

Character/Pairing: Zagan/Hakuryuu
Artist's note: "I’m sorry for being so late, I hope you like this! I hope you had a great Christmas and also Happy New Year!!!"

Gift for wabbit-l. by kougyokuren for wabbit-l

Character/Pairing: Hakuei Ren
Artist's note: "Belated Merry Christmas QnQ It isn’t much… I’m so sorry for submitting it late. OTL"

No title by namekko for Yaroumme

Character/Pairing: Sinbad
Artist's note: "although this is incredibly late, merry christmas and a happy new year to you, umme! this isn’t much, but i saw that you like sinbad so please accept this leaf king from me–♥ i hope you’ll like it!"

Happy Holidays!! by a-caeruleum for nishinoyan

Character/Pairing: Sphintitus, Marga
Artist's note: "Sorry for the lateness, I hope you had a nice Christmas!! I hope you like this and Happy New Year!! :3"

to juustozzi ♥ by Kikkun for juustozzi

Character/Pairing: Alibaba, Aladdin, Morgiana
Artist's note: "merry belated christmas! i’m sorry this is so late! i hope you like it! q//v//q ♥"

For Yael! <3 by mystomachtickles for Relenita

Character/Pairing: Alimor
Artist's note: "I’m sorry it’s so late. I hope you had a great Christmas though! bluhisuckatscrack;; OTL"

Happy Holidays Heather by DaMidnighter for fluorite-wizard

Character/Pairing: Sinja

I came for you, Lady Morgiana by Yaroumme for Squidyjen

Character/Pairing: Hakumor
Artist's note: "This is to Squidyjen from me,Yaroumme u//u Sorry for the late submission but I hope you like it!! I decided on a soft shading and I thought you might enjoy some little headcanons I have about their future? I first wanted to do some Hakuei/Paimon and then I decided for HakuMor! I hope you like it :***"

No title by sinbads-crotch for teradactyl

Character/Pairing: Muu Alexius, Scheherazade
Artist's note: "sorry for this being so late! hopefully your ok with this~"

No title by jafar-of-sindria for Floatingawaytoanotherday

Character/Pairing: Alimor
Artist's note: "Merry Christmas! I’m sorry it’s in greyscale, I’m just not that good at coloring ; - ; I hope you enjoy it!"

No title by Relenita for Sweetestar

Character/Pairing: Sinja
Artist's note: "Happy Christmas! for Sweetestar. Sorry for my lateness, here’s Secret Santa!"

Sinbad... Put your clothes back on... by ImperialUndefeated for Yashikoru

Character/Pairing: Sinbad, Ja'far
Artist's note: "I really admire your whole list of people and hopefully I can draw more (*´∀`*)"

No title by juustozzi for alibaba-baby

Character/Pairing: Alibaba, Sharrkan
Artist's note: "I hope you’re having great Christmas ´u`* I wanted to draw Sharrkan for you but he ended up being too challenging for me (and my laziness with finding good ref pics, haha;; ), but here’s two doodles of him for you!"

Merry Christmas '12 by bellicife for daphneontherun

Character/Pairing: Sharryamu
Artist's note: "Merry Christmas \(☆o◎)/"

No title by Sweetestar for DaMidnighter

Character/Pairing: Sinbad/Masrur
Artist's note: "I hope this is to your liking! :D"

Since it can't be helped, I'll tutor you. by nishinoyan for alibaba-senpai

Character/Pairing: Alibaba, Morgiana
Artist's note: "Gakuen!Magi for you ♥ Also we practically have the same ships so I was very excited to draw this~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ"

Merry Christmas by mamifish for ahiiira

Character/Pairing: Sinbad, Ja'far
Artist's note: "i’m sorry! the first one i sent was the wrong one… /)_(\ for ahiiira/natalia"

Merry Christmas by SLYKM for sekomu

Character/Pairing: Sinja
Artist's note: "Hopefully this submitted right…anyway sorry this is after Christmas day, instead of on it, I was working on this for days, and hopefully it was worth the wait! In my head, Sinbad and Ja'far are on vacation, celebrating this strange foreign holiday somewhere where it is cold, because otherwise this makes no sense… Hope you like my art, idea, and silly sense of humor, Sekomu! XDD"

Merry Christmas Meghan! by warutaichi for Smalls2233

Character/Pairing: Sphintus
Artist's note: "Merry Christmas! Wahh– I’m really glad I got the choice of drawing Sphintus! Thankyou!"

No title, Present #2 and Present #3 by alibaba-baby for imperialundefeated

Character/Pairing: Sinja
Artist's note: "Hope they like them >.<"

Merry Xmas Waru by yummy-suika for warutaichi

Character/Pairing: Alibaba, Sharrkan
Artist's note: "merry xmas/happy holidays warutaichi!! ^.^/"

Merry Christmas Arubboth by kurripan for arubboth

Character/Pairing: Dunya Musta'sim
Artist's note: "I’M SORRY FOR RUINING DUNYA SOBS _(:3 saffsa merry christmas, arubboth!!!!!!!"

No title by alibaba-senpai for Minguchi

Character/Pairing: Sinbad
Artist's note: "A Sinbad for Minguchi! I think it’s really sweet how you asked for something for your best friend, and I hope it’s alright! Merry Christmas!"

Ren Kougyoku’s melancholies by wabbit-l for kougyokuren

Character/Pairing: Judar, Kougyoku
Artist's note: "I really like Gintama’s humours okay. I guess this is my contribution to the magi fandom then. Also part of SS exchange"

Secret Santa Present #1 by ask-renhakuei for jonghyun

Character/Pairing: Alimor
Artist's note: "I say #1 because I might probably do more (*´∀`*)ゞ"

Merry Christmas Lucy! by yashikoru for SLYKM

Character/Pairing: Judar, Cassim


Friends give us hope by sengokukiyosumi for Nyankicchi

Character/Pairing: Aladdin, Titus, Sphintus
Author's note: "Sorry this is late, but better that than never. I hope you like it!"

No title by Daphneontherun to mystomachtickles

Character/Pairing: Morgiana, Masrur

to: bellicife by fluorite-wizard for Bellicife

Character/Pairing: Ja'far, Aladdin, Alibaba, Morgiana, Sharrkan, Yamraiha, Masrur, Hakuryuu Ren, Pisti

For yummy suika! by galiko for yummy-suika

Character/Pairing: Judar, Aladdin
Author's note: "/o/"

Magi Secret Santa - Christmas in July ver.

Magi Secret Santa - Christmas in July ver. was a planned gift exchange for July 2013. However, the Tumblr blog went inactive before the start of the event.[1]

Magi Secret Santa 2014

The Tumblr blog for Magi Secret Santa 2014 has been deleted, and it is therefore impossible to know all of the gifts that were made. Only the first page of the blog was archived. There were over 40 participants.


No title by alibwabwa for Emi

Character/Pairing: Juhaku
Artist's note: "For Emi, surprise surprise its me. Merry Christmas from me and our Nerdlords!! (btw I havent drawn a background in over a year this really is a Christmas miracle). There is a dumb comic to go with this but my lazy ass didnt finish it in time so iâ&#128;&#153;ll upload it after Xmas get hype."

No title by annciel7 for renhakuyuu

Character/Pairing: Kouen, Sinbad, Hakuyuu, Hakuren, Koumei
Artist's note: "Hello renhakuyuu!! Hope you have a really wonderful Christmas! I couldn’t decide who out of your top 3 characters to draw so I drew all 3, but I guess we will never see the 3 of them together ;-; ahhhh Regardless have an awesome holiday!"

No title by darkgreyclouds for it-all-returns-to-nothing

Character/Pairing: Sheba

No title by luxifera for konfuse

Character/Pairing: Morgiana
Artist's note: "Substitute SS for konfuse, went with Morgiana since she deserves the world!"

Magi Secret Santa by wiltking for luxifera

Character/Pairing: Titus, Sphintus
Artist's note: "this was for a secret santa event through this tumblr blog… for luxifera how are you guys spending your holidays? ive been hard at work on my comic o\~<"

No title by mnieva for morgixna

Character/Pairing: Hakumor
Artist's note: "For tumblr user morgixna who likes HakuMor and the 1920s! I hope you like it <3 Happy Holidays!"

No title by luxifera for teikouku

Character/Pairing: Titus, Muu, Scheherazade
Artist's note: "Secret Santa for teikouku! Titus in France; the cafe is based on Les Deux Magots in Paris :D I hope you like it, and thank you Mon-Qi for taking the time to host this ~_~ (I do hope I did this correctly;;;)"

By alicieux for spiralcreationskl

Art lost

By hakuryuude for cutestprincessofkou

Art lost

By ryuucae for mnieva

Character/Pairing: Morgiana
Artist's note: "Hello! I am ur magi Secret Santa this year, and I decided to draw you a picture of Morgiana as your gift! Sorry if it doesn’t really look like her, this was my first time drawing her, but it was super fun! I hope you like my gift, and happy holidays!"
Art lost

By 132118 for literalliterature

Artist's note: "I hope you have a nice Christmas and a great new year! ~"
Art lost

No title by mugges for nomyriad

Character/Pairing: Alikou

By it-all-returns-to-nothing for kerivri

Character/Pairing: Morgiana
Artist's note: "Morgiana for kerivri. Merry Christmas!"
Art lost

By yuehong for cutestprincessofkou

Character/Pairing: Jukou
Artist's note: "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope you like the edit c: The quote is from a c-drama (小菊的春天) and it kind of seemed fitting for JuKou. The translation is pretty loose, haha. Anyways, I wish you a beautiful christmas time and hope you can spend it surrounded by your loved ones."
Art lost


Efficiency by boobs-are-soft-aladdin for lame-ass

Character/Pairing: Kouen, Koumei, Kouha
Author's note: "Kouen tries to assist in making Koumei more efficient. HAPPY HOLIDAYS, LAME-ASS!"
Fic lost

By renhakuyuu for ryuucae

Character/Pairing: Sinja
Author's note: "Merry Christmas!! This is my first time ever writing anything with Ja’far. Or Sinja. It also doesn’t really have a holiday feel, because I just couldn’t write OTL But I hope you still appreciate it;; I’m sorry if everything seems ooc and I’m sorry for the grammar mistakes.. and the bad plot…. (laughs) I hope you have a wonderful holiday, and I wish you all the best for 2015!!"
Fic lost

Gift for Tumblr User pemprika by literalliterature for pemprika

Author's note: "HELLO THERE! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or whatever greeting you most prefer! ^^ I hope you’ve had a wonderful and relaxing holiday season so far. So, um…this fic is kind of complete and kind of not. It it complete in that it constitutes a story all on its own, but there were many other ideas I had for this fic that time constraints would not allow. So if you like this story and would like me to write a sequel to it, please message me and I’ll write it for you! Also, I must say that I cannot take full credit for this fic. It was heavily inspired by the Japanese legend of Ryuujin. And with that, enough of my rambling. I hope you enjoy!"
Fic lost

Old Habits Die Hard by teikouku for lame-ass

Character/Pairing: Seishun, Kouen, Koumei
Author's note: "Happy holidays! I hope you can get a good laugh from this story and maybe it’ll lift your mood when you’re down."
Fic lost, the only part left: "The Kou princes have their own quirks. In fact, they have very weird quirks. It was early morning– enough that the sun couldn’t be seen yet. A certain boy was jolted awake by a deafening crash that traveled from halls to halls of the palace. Whatever sleepiness that lingered in Seishun’s mind vanished, leaving his heart beating apace. He stood, moving with the grace of a well-trained warrior, and shrugged a coat on. The possibility of an attack didn’t fully sink into his mind before theboomresounded once more. A small jolt, a hushed curse and his trusted blades followed him as he rushed outside, racing towards the source of the disturbance."

Illuminated Lives, A Judala Story by realm-of-spells for boobs-are-soft-aladdin

Character/Pairing: Judar/Aladdin
Author's note: "In this story, the characters’ ages were modified. Judal is 23, Aladdin is 18, and Ugo is 40. It’s an alternate universe, that’s all I can say! My sweet mutual, I hope that your Christmas will be filled with lots of love, and candies! This is my present to you, and I wish you a Merry Christmas, with all my love! Enjoy!"
Fic lost, it had 4952 words

The Seven Djinns Festival by boobs-are-soft-aladdin for spiralcreationskl​

Character/Pairing: Sinbad, the djinns, Aladdin, Alibaba, Morgiana, Drakon, Ja’far
Author's note: "Sindria always holds a week festival for his djinns, unfortunately someone gets it into his head that the best way to celebrate the djinns would be to let the djinns be released to enjoy themselves during the festival. Happy holidays, spiralcreationskl!"
Fic lost

Magi Secret Santa 2015

The Tumblr blog for Magi Secret Santa 2015 has been deleted, and it is therefore impossible to know all of the gifts that were made. The blog was not archived.


Magi Secret Santa 2015 by AvianSoulMurmurs for ?

Character/Pairing: Judar
Artist's note: "Another Secret Santa that I did, for this one I messed around with the screen option XD still don't know what it does!"

No title by pisskun for ryuucae

Character/Pairing: Aladdin
Artist's note: "I need to apologize about the quality of the drawing x_x my tablet’s driver dissapeared for unknow reasons and just today I found the disk. I was really nervous cause this is my first secret santa in a fandom and ryuucae’s drawings are amazing! You should check them out!"

No title by morgianapng for magoi-drop

Character/Pairing: Hakuryuu
Artist's note: "Ahh this didn’t end up being very Christmas-y… but I hoped you’d like something to do with an Djinn Equip Hakuryuu!! Happy Christmas, magoi-drop!"

No title by skwinky for annciel7

Character/Pairing: Hakuren, Hakuyuu, Kouen, Koumei
Artist's note: "Happy holidays to @annciel7!! I hope you enjoy the season with the Ren family as well! :’>"

No title by the-masked-barona for just-a-blue-sky-away

Character/Pairing: Kougyoku
Artist's note: "Happy Holidays to just-a-blue-sky-away!! Hope you have a great holiday! :)"


It's a Lot Like Christmas by orsaverba for SetsuntaMew

Character/Pairing: Juhaku, Hakuyuu/Hakuren
Author's note: "This was written for my good friend, ex-roommate, and Secret Santa giftee, Killian! I indulged in all of her favorite things that I could cram into one fic and this is the result. That being said, some warnings; This fic contains an explicitly incestuous ship. They are brothers. Brothers who are dating. There's also a minor mention of Koumei being with an OC, but that's a few lines in the beginning and shouldn't bother anyone too terribly. But now that I've given adequate warning, everyone have fun and enjoy the fic!"

A Glimmer Of Older Times by shinjaninja for renxhakuryuu

Character/Pairing: Juhaku
Author's note: "-or- Judal is surprisingly thoughtful at giftgiving [Magi Secret Santa 2015 gift for renxhakuryuu]"

Kougyoku de Bergerac, or OPERATION: ROMCOM ENDING by Dragonofeternal for shojoshark

Character/Pairing: Juhaku
Author's note: "For shojoshark."

Fathomless by SetsuntaMew and dragonofeternal for drwink

Character/Pairing: Juhaku
Author's note: "Written for Magi Secret Santa 2015. I had tons of fun with this; I've wanted to write something with pirates and adventure for so long and I finally got an excuse to do it!!! dragonofeternal provided tons of help in structuring it and making it all happen in time, as well as continual encouragement and love. so basically the usual XD Merry Christmas, Steph, I hope you enjoy! :D (the working title was Shit, Let's Be Santa: A Very Pirate Christmas, and I've been giggling about it for an embarrassing amount of time)"

Magi Secret Santa 2016

61 people had signed up for the event.[2]


No title by oomph833 for viiinea

Character/Pairing: Titus
Artist's note: "my magi secret santa gift for Viiinea!"

No title by superior-cat-tamer for tenkumou

Character/Pairing: Kougyoku
Artist's note: "For Tenkumou : Happy holidays! <3"

No title by wiltking for gay-magi

Character/Pairing: Juhaku
Artist's note: "merry christmas @gay-magi, here’s some royal juhaku just for you!! may strength be with you in the new year as well! so that you can remain indestructible (much like this duo) :’D"

No title by renxhakuryuu for juhaku-inspired

Character/Pairing: Juhaku
Artist's note: "Happy Holidays @juhaku-inspired ! I was your Secret Santa! I hope the holidays are a lovely time for you, and this gifts makes them that much brighter!"

No title by definefreakforme for nojokebaby

Character/Pairing: Hakuryuu, Morgiana
Artist's note: "For Nojokebaby/Anoxas! Hope you enjoy!! Merry Christmas!!!"

Merry Christmas by murphy-stoffelis for pikazchu

Character/Pairing: Sinja

Secret Santa Gift for Ttsommam! by gonsun for ttsommam

Character/Pairing: Koumei
Artist's note: "Miraculous Ladybug x Magi starring… KOUMEI, THE PIGEON MAN. Happy Holidays !!! I hope you like your gift \m/ - Flynn"

Merry Xmas! by solomon-and-hiryuu for pendaymonium

Character/Pairing: Morgiana
Artist's note: "Merry Christmas my little chicken nugget ❤"

No title by naoscifra for thesparkofrevolution

Character/Pairing: Sinbad
Artist's note: "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year @Thesparkofrevolution!! Here’s a lovely waka!Sinbad showing off his brand new metal vessels. Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle~ Hope you like it."

Happy Holidays! by shaiapitou for mokkorin

Character/Pairing: Kougyoku
Artist's note: "Happy holidays, Mokkorin! Hope you have a great one."

May you have a Black Xmas by maumauxmau for renxhakuryuu

Character/Pairing: Juhaku

Merry Xmas Murphy!!!! by mari-m-rose for murphy-stoffelis

Character/Pairing: Sinja
Artist's note: "Merry Christmas @murphy-stoffelis !!!"

No title by Sinjaria for floofyfluff

Character/Pairing: Sinbad, Ja'far
Artist's note: "haha i think i went overboard i hope you like it xD. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to @Floofyfluff, i want to extend this also to @murasakihime and everyone in the magi community who take time out of their schedule to bring us chapters, translations, discussions etc, every week. Happy holidays xD"

Merry Christmas by tenkumou for vivibunii

Character/Pairing: Alibaba, Aladdin, Morgiana, Hakuryuu
Artist's note: "Merry Christmas from Team Zagan, @vivibunii ! I hope you enjoy your day surrounded by the best gifts and loved ones. Have a splendid new year!"

Merry Christmas by davibes for oomph833

Character/Pairing: Sinbad

No title by melianella to kingscandidate

Character/Pairing: Kouen, Koumei, Kouha
Artist's note: "Happy holidays @kingscandidate!"

No title by bringingtherain for wiltking

Character/Pairing: Juhaku

No title by gay-magi for beamthechao

Character/Pairing: Koumei
Artist's note: "Merry Christmas @beamthechao and a happy new year, I hope 2017 will be as good on you and koumeis naps are on him"

No title by symphoniclolita for bringingtherain

Character/Pairing: Kouha
Artist's note: "This is my gift for @bringingtherain ! Hope you don’t mind that I drew him in his not-regular clothes ahah. Have a happy new year! <3"

No title by floofyfluff for alibaeba

Character/Pairing: Sinbad
Artist's note: "@alibaeba heard you liked sinbad, have a good holiday!!"

Happy Holidays by thesparkofrevolution for kawaii-ash

Character/Pairing: Sharrkan, Yamraiha, Masrur, Sinbad, Ja'far
Artist's note: "Here is my Secret Santa gift for kawaii-ash! I hope you have a great Christmas and a wonderful New year!"

No title by tskchimera for swirlspill

Character/Pairing: Kouen
Artist's note: "Special for Swirlspill! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! This is young and happy Kouen with Magic Bird. It can carry out wishes! So pls be careful when you make your wishes!"

No title by vivianadichiara for silvertheredhairedstranger

Character/Pairing: Sphintitus
Artist's note: "Merry Christmas! I decided to draw them in a festive Rome because I myself, are form Rome <3 So, hugs and lots of Love from Italy <3 I hope you have a sweet and fluffy Christmas! ^^ From your Magi santa (not so secret anymore), Viviana Di Chiara"

the good old days by janrheeee for hakuryuryuryu

Character/Pairing: Hakuei, Koumei
Artist's note: "Magi Secret Santa gift for @Hakuryuryuryu, who asked for among other things, MeiEi and Kou fam. Happy holidays ^^"

No title by goldenmorpho for ohtakudesu

Character/Pairing: Rurumu, Ja'far
Artist's note: "Happy Holidays!!! Read a good story and spend time with those you care about. ^.^"

No title by sparots for yuehong

Character/Pairing: Hakuryuu
Artist's note: "Happy holidays~ And I hope you have a great new year as well"

Merry Christmas! by vivibunnii for davibes

Character/Pairing: Sheba

No title by hakuryuryuryu for oolocorn

Character/Pairing: Serendine, Koumei, Kougyoku, Kouen, Kouha
Artist's note: "Not very Christmas-y but nonetheless. Merry Christmas, @oolocorn!"

“He’s looking at the moon, I’m looking at him” by viiinea for superior-cat-tamer

Character/Pairing: Sphintitus
Artist's note: "This is my gift for @superior-cat-tamer! Merry Christmas dear, I hope it will bring you a lot of happiness!"

No title by un-perro-vago for sinbad-one-o-one

Character/Pairing: Sinbad, Focalor
Artist's note: "There it is my gift for @Sinbad-one-o-one hope you like it! I had the idea of a Djinn acting more like a stand -w-)/ Actually Sinbad’s djinn loves him so, Focalor and Sinbad. Have a Merry Christmas! un abrazo enorme a todos y felices fiestas!"

Merry Christmas! by asthmaticglader for mari-m-rose

Character/Pairing: Sinja, Rurumu, Sharrkan, Yamraiha
Artist's note: "-It’s supposed to be around sixteen yr old Ja'far, and nineteen yr old Sin, and Ja'far just returned from Partevia after being away for a mission for awhile, and Sin was worried, and happy to see he was (mostly) okay. Merry Christmas Mari-M-Rose! I hope you like it, I wasn’t sure what to do- Hope you have great holidays!"

No title by dazuru for janrheeee

Character/Pairing: Kouha, Kouen, Koumei, Kougyoku
Artist's note: "my secret santa gift for janrheeee! hope you like it!"

No title by moonyhime for todo-deku

Character/Pairing: Sharryamu

Happy Holidays Bluelotusmagi! by annciel7 for bluelotusmagi

Character/Pairing: Hakuyuu, Hakuren, Hakuei, Hakuryuu
Artist's note: "Hello Bluelotusmagi, I wish you a really wonderful, happy Christmas and New Year. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to draw these beloved siblings. Ann"

Gift for Maumauxmau! by oolocorn for maumauxmau

Character/Pairing: Sinbad, Judar, Hakuryuu
Art lost

No title by ivoryrosewood for symphoniclolita

Character/Pairing: Serendine, Vittel, Ja'far, Spartos, Mystras, Titus, Yunan, Pisti
Artist's note: "Merry Christmas Symphoniclolita! I know you didn’t want a holiday theme, so I tried to keep it light and silly! I wish it could’ve been even better, but I did my best! Happy wishes to you!"

No title by ivoryrosewood for perro-vago-draws

Character/Pairing: Kougyoku, Kouen, Hakuryuu, Koumei, Kouha, Yunan, Judar, Aladdin
Artist's note: "Merry Christmas perro-vago-draws! I hope you enjoy this…! A Christmas Cake from the Fan Fan Baking Company, with little piggy magis rushing to enjoy it!"

No title by mokkorin for solomon-and-hiryuu

Character/Pairing: Kougyoku
Artist's note: "Merry Christmas @Solomon-and-hiryuu !! I was your secret santa this year, I hope you like this picture of Kougyoku + w + !!"

No title by pendaymonium for ivoryrosewood

Character/Pairing: Ja'far, Sinbad
Artist's note: "For Ivoryrosewood! I hope you enjoy this! Happy Holidays >v<"

"Do you trust me?" by sinbad-one-o-one for moonyhime

Character/Pairing: Sinja
Artist's note: "Merry Christmas and a happy new year, moonyhime! I was a bit unsure for a time what I wanted to do and what I could do in time, i definitely wanted to do something that contained a bit more than just one of the things you like? And since I had no idea how to do something sappy (although I feel you) I settled on this, since Magi and Disneys Aladdin also fit so well. I took the infamous balcony scene as reference but changed it a bit, I hope you like it <3 Also, I hope, you have a marvelous Christmas, spend with your dears and loved ones and a good start into the new year soon! <3 xx Al"

Merry X-mas! by bluelotusmagi for judaryuu

Character/Pairing: Juhaku
Artist's note: "Merry Christmas to @judaryuu! I hope you like this drawing of Judar being cheesy and Hakuryuu being %100 done with it"


Ob(li)viously In Love by raphidae for maqicai

Character/Pairing: Sphintitus
Author's note: "This story exists in the AU shown in Chapter 214 where Aladdin is the Kou Empire’s Magi and Judal is Sinbad’s Magi."

A Battle Along the Canal by dragonofeternal for melianella

Character/Pairing: Juhaku
Author's note: "Merry Christmas, @melianella!!! I tried to write something that captured both the magi/king aspect and the lovers aspect with some added djinn equip battling for fun! I hope you enjoy it!"

A very Sindrian Christmas! by murasakihime for sinjaria

Character/Pairing: Sinbad, Ja'far
Author's note: "I’m so happy that my giftee is my good friend Sinjaria. I hope that you’ll enjoy this Christmas fic about our beloved Sindrian citizens. Also, I want to wish Merry Christmas to everyone who participated in this event and to anyone who might read this fic! =)"

Favorite Faded Fantasy by maqicai for ultra-ugo

Character/Pairing: Juhaku
Author's note: "hi @ultra-ugo! i’m your secret santa 💓 i was super nervous when i got my assignment because… you’re you!! ah!!! you’re such a lovely person and i hope you like this…uhm, kinda weird little fic. have a great holiday!! 😊"

Magi secret santa~ by juhaku-inspired for vivianadichiara

Character/Pairing: Juhaku
Author's note: "Note to giftee: From looking at your blog I saw you really like Dan and Phil (I do too!!) and I wanted to write something happy and cute so…a youtuber AU with Judar and Hakuyuu! Haha, I hope you like this :D Sorry if it’s ooc at all…I’m a bit rusty with these two sadly. Merry Christmas though~ I hope this manages to make you smile :3"

Between the lines by pikazchu for naoscifra

Character/Pairing: Sinja
Author's note: "Happy holidays naoscifra! Thank you for all the wonderful things you do for the SinJa and Magi fandom as a whole. I wish you all the best and hope you enjoy this little gift ^^ - Kaz"

The Weather Outside is Frightful by peacheatingmagi for tskchimera

Character/Pairing: Kouen/OC

Christmas Carols by kiznais for gonsun

Character/Pairing: Soloshe
Author's note: "Happy holidays!"

No title by aria-haru for murasakihime

Character/Pairing: Sharryamu
Author's note: "I hope you like it! Happy Holidays!!!!"

But Then There Was You by silvertheredhairedstranger for goldenmorpho

Character/Pairing: Sharryamu, Titus, Sphintus
Author's note: "hey there Goldenmorpho i was your secret santa this year !! had a lot of fun working on this gift, despite how busy and medical the holiday season ended up turning for me aha. hope you like it !"

Sick Day by judaryuu for annciel7

Character/Pairing: Hakuyuu, Hakuren, Kouen, Koumei


Part 1 by yuehong for definefreakforme

Character/Pairing: Hakumor
Creator's note: "Part 1: AU where Morgiana, the princess of one of Kou’s vassal states, is married off to prince Hakuryuu as a tribute and a sign of friendship and loyality towards Kou. They don’t know each other pre-marriage."

Part 2 by yuehong for definefreakforme

Character/Pairing: Hakumor
Creator's note: "Part 2: Morgiana was not solely forced into marriage for symbolic reasons but also to function as a spy for her home country. Try to look for her in the picture in the middle :D But gains interest in Hakuryuu as a person."

Part 3 by yuehong for definefreakforme

Character/Pairing: Hakumor
Creator's note: "Part 3: I will leave the rest of the story free to your imagination C: Additional note: Your wishes semt to fit a fanfiction-writer a lot more. Though, I totally suck at writing. So I hope you like these edits. A 3-step-story. None of these happen in the manga, hahaha. Merry christmas and happy new year! May 2017 provide you with the best of everything!"

No title by ttsommam for asthmaticglader

Character/Pairing: Sinbad, Ja'far
Creator's note: "Here’s my gift for @asthmaticglader , I hope you like it ! It’s a new background and header for your tumblr blog. The image here is what a whole page would lood like, I separated it in two pictures (link to the pictures just below)."

No title by protagserena for naegichiis

Character/Pairing: Alikou
Creator's note: "Merry Christmas, Barbs !!! I don’t think I could resist making an alikou edit for you…. their colour schemes and elements just work so well together. I hope you like it~ Have a great Christmas!"

No title by alibaeba for shaiapitou

Character/Pairing: Kouha
Creator's note: "Get you a cutie who can do both. Merry Christmas @shaiapitou hope you like this! It was super fun!"

No title by ohtakudesu for dazuru

Character/Pairing: Scheherazade, Titus
Creator's note: "I hope you like it. You’re awesome and I hope you have a great Christmas!"


No title by naegichiis for raphidae

Character/Pairing: Hakuali, Kassali, Kougyoku
Creator's note: "Secret santa for @raphidae. Merry christmas!!!"
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