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Magi Gift Exchanges are the different gift exchanges that have been feld in the Magi fandom since 2013. See also: Magi Secret Santa.

Magi Exchange

Magi Exchange was held on Christmas 2013.[1]

Magi Mail Exchange 2015

Magi Mail Exchange 2015 was a gift exchange event held in summer 2015 by mon-qi.[2] In this event, people sent their gifts to others a physical mail, and therefore, not many of them were shared online.


Art made by beamie

Art made by kumiko4 for kittykaibasblog

Magi New Year's Exchange

Magi New Year's Exchange was held on New Year 2018 as a subsitute for a Secret Santa which was not held in 2017.[3]

Magi Valentine 2017

Magi Valentine 2017 was an event held to gift works to other fans or simply make something dedicated to one's favourite character or ship. Works were to be posted by Februaty 14th. There was a list of prompts one could use as inspiration: Chocolate, First date, Realization, Flowers, and You and I. The mods were judaru and maumauxmau.[4][5]

Juhaku New Year’s Gift Exchange

Juhaku New Year’s Gift Exchange was a Juhaku-ship specific gift exchange held on New Year 2019, organized by the dailyjuhaku blog.[6]


Blood Relations fanfic and art by Dragonofeternal for belialequip.

Gift fancomic by vile-priestess for kadamidraws.

The dark district fanfic by mid-k-night for ultra-ugo

Join Training fanfic by pisti for vile-priestess

Flurry fanfic by agrimmlion for hakuryuu-ren

Gift art by agrimmlion for hakuryuu-ren

as the current holds fanfic by wastelandruin for pisti

Gift fancomic by belialequip for mid-k-night

Gift fanart by kadamidraws for agrimmlion